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About Multiplayer Games

In multiplayer game people play it with others in real time that is to say they share the same sources and gameplay. So more than two users can make use of the game during that time. If in single-player type users go against characters that are controlled by the device than in multiplayer mode, they interfere with real people. If we compare multiplayer games to the former ones we can say that here users have the advantage of thinking mind that is more flexible and creative, something that lack characters directed automatically. Single-player systems cannot give the chance to players to work co-operating with others or rival with each other to decide who is better. The main advantage of multiplayer games is the international communication between humans. In real time they compete with each other, work together for similar aims and survive. While playing multiplayer games they need to utilize the same assets of the game and they can have fun with friends or even people from all over the world. Multiplayer games let the users to communicate with their partners or rivals via network something that cannot be seen in single mode system. As a rule, users enjoy multiplayer games greatly as the competitions become realistic and addictive.



First ever multiplayer games appeared still in 1958 in various kind of games like sports and shooter games. Mainly, games had two-player mode though they also provided real time activities. Games were generally turn-based that is players continue to play in turn when the first one lost its life. Gradually developers started to create multiplayer games with more than two players so that games let more people to control them. Already in 1975s in University of New Hampshire’s the computers were connected with each other for students and teachers and students started to develop games using shared memory for each person. Soon they became really famous due to several factors that make them so addictive. One of them is that people compete with each other instead of automatic heroes, the multiplayer games gives the feeling of risky actions and all this happens in real time so players should act fast and reasonable. Starting from this century various companies support this type of games via Internet using a lot of platforms for wireless multiplayer games.

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The system

In fact, modern multiplayer games require a certain amount of people to control the game in one and the same system. But usually people playing multiplayer games each has a single-system view. Game offers split screen so everyone has a first-person view. So individually each player sees the gameplay from the screen as a single player. Though it is true that not all multiplayer games have this mode of split screen as an advantage of users as in racing games, it is more common for shooting and fighting games. Turn-based games also imply individual screen mode such as chess. In certain games players are given the opportunity to play in multiplayer mode when they need to complete a special complicated mission as they will have difficulties to overcome it while playing in single mode. This is a unique feature not present in all games.

Massively multiplayer games

In such kind of role-playing games the quantity of participants is greater than in other games. A huge amount of users take part in the game and compete with each other in a virtual reality. So what are the peculiarities of such games. Firstly, as it has been mentioned the number of players. They control one character in the game and usually it is a hero from fantasy world. They perform all the activities of the character. An important feature of the games is that tenacious world where a lot of players can interact with each other does not stay the same all the time. It continues to develop and change over the time even when a certain user turns off the game that is he is no longer active. Multiplayer games are popular around the world and generally most of them has millions of subscribers and fans. In spite of many peculiarities and unique features, such multiplayer games have many factors that are similar for all the games. Common features are the stable gameplay of the world, the upgraded levels, communication between people all over the world and membership within a team. There can also be some similarities in the form of game culture and system architecture. The themes in multiplayer games make a great variety as they are based on various genres, representing sometimes a mixture of different elements from several sources. Characters progress as players go through levels and this is a priority for them. The progress includes improved skills and abilities of any character as they obtain points for different missions.

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Multiplayer games provide a chance for players to work in group against other real teams in such way creating communication from a long distance. Players should not play alone when there are so many ways to cooperate with others and have fun. Players enjoy time with their friends or make new friends all over the world. There exist a great variety of multiplayer games for different people starting from shooting games, sport and racing to heavy tanks. Multiplayer games are designed both for children and for adults. Each person can find something attracting in it. So the age and interests does not matter as there something for everyone. The concept of multiplayer games develops rapidly so there is no exact genre to dominate the top list. Adventurous gameplay of different games attracts a large group of players and involve in the fantasy world of rapidly developing multiplayer games.