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Arcade games are usually described as a kind of genre that features certain qualities in its gameplay and concept. They are generally simple without any complicated puzzles and strategies in use. Though most of arcade games have the trend of expending difficult levels as they progress over time. Players keep on developing skills and experience the game until their character dies or the main object misses. As arcade games can be played endlessly and they do not have a final point to reach players enjoy games limitless. This strategy is made to attract more people as they do not have to worry about very difficult gameplays and controls and will not get nervous as levels are rather easy.

The concept

One of the typical characteristics of arcade games is probably the ability of one full screen. So what does this mean? Players have the opportunity to play with a single screen mode. It may same as if such experience is made because of certain limitations though in fact it becomes an advantage for players only. When they have the complete interpretation of the world in the game they can easily play reasonably and make use of all their knowledge that is gained due to it. This really helps players in decision making and surviving in the game longer. Though this is true for most arcade games, sometimes they may consist of several worlds and players have the opportunity to switch them and come back whenever they would like. However, the fact that they change the fields does not mean the screen mode is changed is still remains a single one. So they continue to play with one full screen in various in game worlds.


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind about arcade games is that they are endless. Yes, it is true there is no end to these games. Players enjoy the game without thinking about the end. So they can continue playing forever until their hero is defeated. This is a fantastic strategy to keep players curious all the time as they play over and over again to see how far they can go and what new records they can set. The levels become more intense as they go higher and gameplay changes to make it entertaining and attractive. If we compare it to other games arcade games do not force players to finish the game and go buy another one. However, players can never say they won as it is impossible at least they can rank high position and set a new record.

The settings

Another great idea about arcade games that encourage players is the opportunity of various tries. This exactly means that when the hero is defeated it does not finish the game yet. Player are given several lives before the level is over completely. Why creators do this? It simply motivates players as they can try again and they are not afraid of perilous moves. This give a chance to explore and understand how to play effectively. With each try they play even better and they have the desire to continue and do even better. The risks they take help the make them make the game ore intense and unpredictable something that in other situations would be impossible as they will be scared to try new techniques. Here they are sure they will be back if something goes wrong. It keeps them active and addictive to game to improve and develop new skills.


Arcade games have clear and simple gameplay. This is obvious as they have the goal to attract as many people as possible. If players start a game that is too complicated they can be scared and stop playing it. They do not include difficult moves that should be learn over the time as steps are simple and do not require much efforts to remember. When players fail they see obviously the reason so that next time they can correct their mistake. Of course, simple things not always mean something boring or limited. Arcade games are rather refined and attractive. They develop through levels and keep up with innovations. One of the essential features of gameplay of arcade games I definitely the points players get for certain missions they do. These scores help them to accomplish special tasks and develop skills of their character. Points hold an important place simply because players cannot win so scores show how well they perform in the game, whether they do better than previous time or not. Their rank on the list of best players is directly contingent on points they obtain during the game. In other words, points are mostly for motivating players by giving them rewards and a place on the list. It is great for friends as they play with each other and decide who is better.


It may sound weird but another privilege of arcade games is the lack of a background story. Usually each game tells a certain story with main charters and villains where they have reasoned task to perform. Arcade games differ greatly as they have no information. There is no need for developers to explain why players should do this or that mission. The game just goes on without any expectations for the end. Players are not provided with a reason to kill someone or to eat something. They just do. An interesting fact is that arcade games do not lack it as players do not feel the absence of the background information. That is why there is no need to finish the game as there is no final goal. Instead there exist certain rules to follow and players do not go deep into the world of the game they just enjoy the gameplay.

It is true that most arcade games have common features and points that coincide but they are not necessarily the same for all of them. They differ from game to game trying to preserve the main points that keep the under one genre of arcade games.