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Zombotron 2 Description

Zombotron II the continuation of the legendary Zombotron. The player will have to survive on a planet clustering with zombies and robots for 16 different levels, filled with story elements and characters. In the main menu of the game Zombotron II wonderful soundtrack in the style of horror, which contributes to the emergence of a suitable atmosphere. After entry, the player begins his journey. In Zombotron II you can drive vehicles! Enemies in the game are diverse, there are also destructible obstacles, exploding barrels, secrets, a variety of weapons. It is possible to switch between five types of weapons. From the opponents drop coins, which will be needed to buy new weapons, bulletproof vests or cartridges. In the arsenal of the hero, there is both firearms and cold arms. Looks Zombotron II just fine, play nice and interesting! Excellent graphics, executed in a special manner, will not become old-fashioned even after 10 years. The character is controlled by the keyboard and mouse. Be sure to try the third part!