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Strike Force Heroes 2 Description

Strike Force heroes 2 is right back with magnificent gameplay. It is a shooting game where players get the role of real warrior and fight their way to become a member of an elite soldier team where they perform hard missions. It is a cray strategy game that includes a squad of highly qualified soldiers who should fight the enemy and destroy their forces all over the world. Characters are generally of several styles that allows them to be good at specific aspect in the fight. All the classes are unique and have their own extraordinary skills and capabilities accompanied by a characteristic weapon. Players go through sophisticated missions and tricky tasks that require a detailed and reasonable strategy. Player get points for these missions and increase their rank in the top list. They manage to get into the group of professional warriors only if they are extremely skillful and highly ranked. It is the most scaring military group in the world. Definitely many dream of applying for the position. However, try your best as it will not be a simple exam. Join to Strike Force Heroes and become a real hero of the time.