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Str1ngle Description

Str1ngle is an amazing abstract game that fits every age. It has a very unique concept and catching gameplay that gives real feelings of having fun. It is a great format for any taste. The players control a ball that is set at the center of the screen in the sphere. You direct the direction it can possibly by the arrows and do not let it stay still. The sharp stars are approaching the ball that is linked with a rope. The stars may cut the rope so be careful while touching them. You can destroy the with the ball as you need to keep the direction it is coming and hit it. Players are provided with a heath bar which will increase when the stars touch the rope and when it reaches zero the game is over. Each level requires a certain amount of points to collect to complete it. The health can be recovers by getting special medicine packs with the help of ball. You get collect powerups and create a block that will protect you from the stars for a certain period of time. St1ngle is an enjoyable game with magnificent idea and fun.