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Stones Of Pharaoh Description

Stones of Pharaoh is a mysterious match 3 game. The classic gameplay is changed into an extraordinary graphics and design. Here you are to solve the old secret of Egyptian pharaohs. Find a combination of similar colored stones and acquire points. Remove all the combinations and clear up the area. You can remove up to two stones, however, when in the end there are left only single stones without any match you can use fixed number of moves. If you run out the moves before the field is all clear you fail the level. So you need to remove the unions reasonably so that you finish only a few stones are left. You have a lot of time so think carefully and come up with fantastic ideas. Your high score will be the one when you finish the level without using any moves. So try your best and surprise everyone with strategical planning the game. This is going to be a crazy adventure in the world of mysterious Egypt. Good luck on your journey.