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Stick Fighter RPG Description

Stick Fighter RPG is a magnificent action game with fantastic gameplay. Players control the principle character that is a survivor after a big shipwreck appearing on a strange island with bizarre residents. It is mysterious world of fighting game that offers great opportunities for users. The land is full of enemies and players lack everything. They should fight to get most essential things for life. Inhabitants will not be friendly so get ready make their blood run. You need to survive this is your ultimate purpose and you should do anything for that. The game starts in a ruined building that players conquer and make their own shelter. From here they start to search for various weapons and tools to struggle. During the levels weapons can be improved and players have the ability to unlock new ones. Usually the fight in a one versus one mode using numerous ways of blocking and attacking. Defense is vital for the character as when it is damaged a life is lost. So train the player to use blocks while fighting. Stickman may survive in an action game and all is up to you. Do your best.