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Snake Description

It is an attractive Snake game designed by Zanzlanz. Going back to old traditions and good experience. Everyone enjoys the game as it is one of the simplest and at the same time most amazing games ever. Now you can play it not only on the phone but also on the internet. So almost nothing is changed. The snake is moving in the field and you take control it by deciding the directions it should move. Control it with the help of arrows and do not forget the main task of your pet. That is to eat the dots in the area which will help you grow and be longer. It moves really fast so you be really watchful. It tests your skills and focus and how quick will your response will be. You should not hit the lines of the field and your own tail otherwise the game is over. Let us see how far you can make it and what the highest score of yours will be. Have a lot of fun with the craziest game ever. Snake is in move so let’s start it already.