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Rubber Dinghy Description

Rubber Dingy is a funny adventure game with retro style and wonderful graphics. The gameplay is rather simple and accurate that is easy to adopt. The player owes a dingy that is damaged greatly after an exhausting day on the sea. Because of the caused inconvenient the player appears on an island where he should survive and find material to repair the boat. There are other inhabitants on the land such as wild animals and several survivors. The players should perform specific tasks and collect essential items and food to stay alive. Logically combining some items, they can use them to construct the ship. As a mission they can be asked to help the crabs or build a bridge. Make friends with other residents of the island and help each other. there could be some laughable dialogues between them that is very attractive and engaging. Your wish to help the hero leave the place and come back to civilization. Survive the long way and make the way to home. Good luck in your adventures with Rubber Dinghy.