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Rhomb Description

Rhomb is a highly ranked puzzle game with magnificent graphics and addictive settings. It a very thought-provoking game that gives the opportunity to analyze the game in front you and to see clearly the possible ways out. The main idea of the game is that players should unwind the rhombuses. The ways they are connected should be smartly though and after you should decide which to unwind first to avoid collisions. As you go further levels become more complicated and the paths harder to combine. When you are stuck do not worry as this is not the end You have some hints to help you when needed. There are three of them so just make a good use of them and the hints will show the correct way you should perform. The levels are not so many but they are worth it. It is a challenge that makes people think and analyze. The logic game is an amazing past time that will make you enjoy it and consider it greatly. Have much fun with Rhomb and complete all the levels perfectly.