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Paper Knight Quest Description

Create a magnificent team of heroes Paper Knight Quest. Pick four the most impressive characters of all time and include them in a group that has a clear mission to fight the evil. Though the group is limited up to four participants you are allowed to have two teams. The gameplay and graphics in this knight are lovely. You can involve several heroes of various classes such as magicians, fighter or a healer so that the team will be complete. The game is basically turn-based so the heroes work by order. When the energy bar is over the turn takes the opponent and this continues till you win or lose. However, you can train the heroes to attack cooperatively. Gradually you can unlock new characters and choose a better one for the team. Each of them has its own seal. By clearing quests, you obtain gold and experience. Players get rewards that are used as specific quests have obligatory requirements before entering. You can use extraordinary skills which need more energy but when you are done before the energy decreases it will be added to the next battle. Train hard and turn your characters into legends.