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Mighty Knight Description

Mighty Knight represents the period even before zombies or other such creatures when true heroes fight against the evil without any technological device or equipment. They have the real personality and willpower that makes them legendary heroes. So players take the role of a wonderful hero in an amazing adventure game. The knight should destroy all the cruel creatures and save everyone. Each of the levels has stronger opponents so it becomes more and more intricate to defeat them You should train your knight and prepare him for a crazy battle. Within a level you should fight several opponents and as soon as you are done with all of them the level is complete. At the same time you can attack several opponents and get extra points for it. The longer the number of victims the larger the bonus points. The knight acquires various skills over the time both for attack and defense. People need the hero to save them from all the monsters. So let’s see whether you can manage to destroy all of them or not. Good luck on your task.