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Infectonator 2 Description

An amazing sequel Infetonator 2 is right back with all new refined graphics and amazing gameplay. The new zombie game introduces completely new feeling and experiences. This time you are the monster. It is really funny to play as a zombie as a main character. But is not a bad news as you a have a certain goal to accomplish and strong motivation. Your great mission is to infect all the human race and turn them into a zombie like you. This time you are not going to save the world but instead destroy human race. Travel all over the world step by step and complete your mission moving from one continent to another coving all the cities, towns and villages. For each infected human you receive points and later collected money can be used to improve your skills and abilities. Maybe it sounds weird, but accept it will be a lot of fun. Pick people randomly regardless of gender or age. Take them under control and become a leader on our planet with a huge army of zombies. Have a good time with fantastic armor game.