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Hexa Turn Description

Hexa Turn is a challenging puzzle-skill game. It requires great concentration. Players should close the path of the triangle placed at the center of the field. Players put hexagons to block its way. They are given certain amount of hexagons so they should be used wisely. The dark triangle moves from the center randomly to various directions. In the field there are numerous dark squares that appear at diverse places. Players should prevent triangle from meeting these squares. Bring to a halt their movement to the squares. Triangle moves all the time it does not stand still. When you put a hexagon on the way it does not stop them they will move at another direction so be careful and think beforehand to what location it will move. Guess all the possible paths and try to close all of them. As you progress the levels get more sophisticated and thought-provoking. Logic game makes players think and analyze and have fun at the same time. Can you succeed in all levels completing them perfectly?