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Dynamole Description

This time around we will play with dynamites. Do you like some explosive stuff and a lot of bomb. If so Dybamole is right for you. It is a crazy fan game with extraordinary gameplay and concept. It requires intense concentration and maximum speed. Player appear under the ground as an animal and there are numerous dynamites around them. Do not warry these are nor set to kill you. On the contrary the bombs will clear your way so that you can move further. You are the one who is going to explode everything around. At the beginning you just click the bottom and all the bombs continuously explode by order. Players should run as fast as possible as the ground will vanish soon and you will fall into a lava. The game will be over. So we do not need it. Press the bottom when you are ready and continue running. The levels have checkpoints so that you can continue not from the very start. The task is to collect necessary items during the race and reach the final place safely. Have fun with the Dynamole.