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Cleopatra Description

Cleopatra the queen of Egypt introduces a completely new level for match 3 games. She has lost her treasures and you need to find them for her. Are you able to solve the puzzles and get what she wants? Players discover leastwise three and more similar balloons to each other that are separated by a single item so they need to make it move and unite identical ones together. However, this is not the aim as they need to set free special pieces of the jewelry that are randomly put in the field. Unless they are all collected the game is not succeeded. The problem is you are out of time. It is decreasing really fast so hurry up and complete the goal as when the time is over so does the game. You can use limitless moves so do not think too long. Collect points and get a hummer that will help you to perform the task quicker. If there are minutes left when you succeed they will be added as extra points. Overcome all twenty-five levels and get the jewelry.