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Aground Description

Aground is an amazing adventure game that can be described as a perfect survivor game. After a serious crash the main character whose role take the player appears in an inhabited island. There are several other victims there and all you need to do is to survive. This is your ultimate mission stay alive as long as possible. So you have nothing with you but you are on the earth so do not waste the time and start searching for resources and good, wood to make fire and a shelter to stay in safety. You can mine somewhere and construct a building to stay there and you need required elements to do this. You can find all necessary items on the island. Sometimes you will have to fight against animals so be extremely careful with them. The character has a certain amount of energy and it will run out quickly if you do not save it. Every task the player performs it decreases the energy. You can bring back to the stable status so that the character will not die.