Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer generated environment that gives you the chance to experience another reality and another environment. A person who uses virtual reality equipment can look around the imaginary world and consequently interact with virtual, objects and items. A VRheadset fits around your head and over your eyes, and visually separates you from whatever space you are physically occupying. Images can be seen with the help of small lenses. Due to VR one can travel a lot of places like Venice, the Eifel Tower, Big Ben or Norway mountains. At first Virtual reality modeling language which is known as VRML was introduced in 1994 and that was created to develop the artificial world. Later WEB3D consortium was founded in1997 to develop the industry standards for 3D graphics. Nowadays most of the virtual reality displays depend on the technology that were developed and created for smartphones, for instance fast processors, HD screens for stereoscopic displays, motion sensors and gyroscopes. All of this allowed the OCULUS RIFT kick starter to offer the first independently developed VR headset in 2012.

Virtual Reality

Independent production of VR images and video has increased by the development of omnidirectional cameras which is easily recognized when we say 360-degree cameras or VR cameras with a capability of recording all directions, although at low-resolutions.In contrast, photogrammetry is increasingly used to combine several high-resolution photographs for the creation of detailed 3D objects and environments in VR applications.

By 2016 there were more than 235 companies that were developing Virtual reality related products. The well-known Facebook has about 450 employees that work to develop especially virtual reality. Some companies, for example Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft, and Samsung, all are busy with AR and Virtual Reality groups. Dynamic binaural audio was used by te majority of the headsets released that year. However, haptic interfaces were not well developed, and most hardware packages incorporated button-operated handsets for touch-based interactivity. Visually, displays were still of a low-enough resolution and frame-rate that images were still identifiable as virtual. On April 5, 2016, HTC shipped its first units of the HTC VIVE Steam VR headset.

VR is used in various fields like cinema and entertainment, architecture, sports, anxiety disorder treatment, military uses, etc. One can remember a lot of movies that are produced to be watched with the help of VR. It is fun to watch a VR film, since it allows the audience to view a 360 degree environment in all the scenes. Fox Searchlight Pictures and Skybound are famous production companies which use VR cameras to movies and series which are interactive in VR. Even Naughty America, BaDoinkVR and Kink which are pornographic studios have applied the method of Virtual Reality into their products from 2015 to early2016. VR has also been used during the World Chess Championship match, Football broadcasts and many other events.

Virtual Reality

The most interesting thing is that Virtual reality is a form to treat anxiety disorder. The researches have shown that patient become less anxious while using virtual reality. VR can also reduce the feeling of pain due to the distraction of mind. Virtual reality is also designed to help the learners develop their skills in an imaginary environment without failing their experiments and in a place they can not appear physically at that moment. Medical students can do operation with the help of virtual reality in an artificial world without any mistakes and without harming the patient. The archeologists also can appear next to an ancient castle which is millions of miles away from where they physically are.

Some powerful countries use virtual reality in practicing the military forces and space life. Architecture is one of the fields that need to be practiced with the help of virtual reality. Nowadays the great part of the architects use virtual reality to see the 3D graphics of what they are going to construct. For those who cannot imagine what is drawn on the paper is a great help. If one builds an apartment for sale and the consumers want to see what their future flat will look like they can easily see the imaginary construction of what they want to buy.

Let’s find out whether VR is healthy and safe or not. One should take into account some consideration of virtual reality. The majority of VR systems have some warnings which are; developmental issues on the kids, discomfort, repetitive stress-injury, interference with medical devices and seizures. If someone uses virtual reality for a long period of time he/she will definitely get some symptoms and might have slowed proliferation of the technology. When you notice that a virtual reality user has some symptoms like discomfort, stomach awareness, vomiting, sweating, headache, fatigue, nausea, disorientation or apathy then the person has cyber sickness beyond any doubt. Today, there are lots of game developers than it was before learning the ins and outs of VR development. This is the reason that there are tons of VR games nowadays. One can even find lots of websites dedicated to the introductions of the newly released products, games and the companies doing the job. The HTC’s headset provides with some famous virtual reality games. Below you can see the description of some of the VR games.

Virtual Reality

Rec Room

A fantastic multiplayer game, Rec Room allows the player to appear in a social club where he/she can join another player which is involved in a various activities such as chess or a disc golf.

The Lab

The lab is considered to be a classic VR game and it allows the player to choose from various slick and delightful minigames that are simple and addictive. The most important thing is that this VR game is FREE.

To The Top

This game is recommended for those who need to maintain an active lifestyle and do physical exercise, since the game is totally based on movement.So it’s a VR adventure that makes movement in VR more than anyone can ever imagine.

Fantastic Contraption

In fact, this game was developed back in 2008 for mobiles but now it fits well to Virtual reality. The player builds fantastic and extraordinary contraptions to solve little puzzles. Well, it’s very easy to build but it’s quite another story to make your creation move right.

Lone Echo

This one is also known as Facebook founder MarzkZuckerberg’s game. It sees a gamer play a robot which helps to solve some problems in a space station.