Toy Story

The main concept

The famous franchise took all over the world since its release in 1995. It was produced by Pixar and released by Disney. It is based on the idea that all the toys are alive secretly from humans and with the main hero cowboy Sheriff they challenge themselves and go through many adventures that eventually change them. The project was a great success and it continued it sequels Toy story 2 and 3 which continued the popularity of the first film. It became of the top animated films of all time with the gross of more than one billion and eight million dollars. All three films were released in special DVD editions becoming the 24th highest earning franchise all over the world. Now the team is planning a new sequel of the story Toy Story 4 in 2019 with a new director J. Cooley. As all the three series received extremely high appreciation the creators will continue to preserve the main concept of the story.

 Toys Story 4

Toy Story

The original story is about a cowboy, a favored toy by a six-year-old boy who struggles to get back his position as after the birthday party the boy gets a new electronic robot Buzz. He impresses all the other toys due to its new features but it annoys Woody as now he feels as if the boy likes his new gift more and does not pay much attention to him. Soon he discovers his enemy is not at all Buzz but instead the boy’s neighbor Sid who tries to damage Buzz. The due manages to escape from him and make it in time as the family is moving to another house. As now at Christmas Andy receives new toy which will trouble both Woody and Buzz.

Toy Story2

The sequel Toy Story 2 continues the idea of living toys and this time they should rescue their friend Woody who is stolen to be sent to museum. While all the toys are united to save him Woody meets new friends who convince him that once the owner is grown up he will be thrown away so he should not return home. However, the friends manage to reach the airport an save Woody and they also bring back his new friends and Andy accepts them with great pleasure as he thinks his mom bought them for him while he was away.

Toy Story3

The third part of the story the toys have uncertain future as their owner is now all grown up and ready to leave for the college. He wants to take Woody with him and the others will be stored somewhere. But his other mistook the bag with garbage and the toys escape thinking Andy wanted to throw them away. However, Woody makes his way to reach the other toys and finds a new owner for them. Overcoming all the misunderstandings and challenges they find their new home in Bonnie’s room who treats them nicely.

 Toys Story 4

Toy Story4

So when the third part released the creators did not plan on having the forth sequel. But as it was revealed over the time the producers had been working on it secretly as they did not want to disappoint anyone. They claim this is the sequel to the previous stories but it is not just continuation of the story but a stand-alone sequel. As the time the toys spent with Andy is over and they start a new life with the other owner. Their story ended perfectly so it is the time to start a completely new movie as the creators claim. This time the storyline will be based on romance which is rather new for its original concept. Some of the old characters will be back and Woody and Buzz will search for Bo Peep who was missing in the previous story. She will make a romantic pair along with Woody. The release date has been delayed for several times as it was planned in 2016 and then in 2018. Now the creators set the date as June 21, 2019. The reviews of the previous sequels have always been extremely high so the directors do not want to upset the fans and keep up with the other ones the same level.

The characters

The main character and the leader of Andy’s toys Woody is the favorite toy that has everything until there appears a new hero Buzz. These two made best friends though at first acted as rivals. Woody is more emotional in the contrast of Buzz who is rather brave and skilled warrior but most often presents himself as unemotional and impulsive. Jessie has very sunny cheerful personality, she is adventurous and a little bit boyish and more energetic compared to calm Woody. Slinky dog is proved as the most loyal friend od Woody who always stands on his side. Rex is a large tyrannosaurus that despite its size is very sensitive in nature. Hamm is the pig that is known to be the most knowledgeable of all familiar with various gadgets who is always with his best friend Mrs. Potato Head, a real life based toy.

 Toys Story 4

Video games

Most of the video games are developed and released by Disney based on the original plot of the story. The player cab chose one of the characters to play with. Usually there are several levels and the players can replay them to gain coins and get rewards. Between the levels the players complete mini-games for additional coins. The tasks in levels follow the storyline in movies. The first game based on Pixar movie is Toy Story Mania. It has several carnival games and a video games that allows the players to go through the levels based on theme parks. It has the opportunity for till 4 people to play at the same time. The characters also appear in various video games produced by Disney. In Kingdom Hearts 3 a world created by Pixar will appear as the release date is set in 2018. The world will be based on the events of the Toy stories not obligatory following the plot.