The Justice League

Where else you can find your lovely superheroes altogether in one place and what will be even greater than a powerful team of everyone’s favorite superheroes? This is like a dream team that consists of several heroes. Among them are Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and many others. The team is constantly being changed and all the time new members can appear. It was first published in books but now the team appears in different games, cartoons and even in action movies.

The Justice League

The origin

The stories including the superheroes had success right from the start. Wherever the members appear together they have a great popularity. Fans are happy to see them work with each other. Originally the team had seven members that is why the heroes called themselves Super Seven. Though the team has had various names Justice League has become the general recognition for them. The story begins when the plan is attacked by aliens who want to conquer it and make it their home. Definitely the superheroes of our planet cannot be indifferent in such dangerous situation. Each of them starts to fight against the invaders separately destroying the enemy but soon they understand that the opponent cannot be defeated easily. If they continue to fight individually hardly they will have any success. It was they when all of them decide to come together and form the justice league. Since then they unite their powers to defeat the enemy that threats the planet he the human beings.


The characters may change with every update of new series though some remain unchanged since their origin. All of them are brave and kind-hearted people who have great sense of justice and morality. Superman one of the most popular heroes of all time always serves as an example to others who does everything for human’s sake but at the same time follows the laws and rules. He will sacrifice everything and not let anyone to do harm to his friends or his parents. Batman is another powerful hero who is more likely to use violence to punish the villains than any other hero. Even his dress origins fear in others. Sometimes he has to break the laws himself for the sake of the others. The invaluable member of the team is Wonder Woman a strong-willed hero who never fears of a fight. She never goes back on what she is doing. She will never create a conflict s shoe is a lover of peace but if it happens she will go till the end. Due to her smart and experienced abilities she makes the harmony of the team. The Flash is a superhuman and the fastest hero ever on the Earth. Barry is a kind-hearted hero who will never hurt anyone and will always a find a safe way to protect everyone. The Green Lantern, Aquaman and many others struggle against the villains who hurt innocents. They are always ready to come to a rescue especially humanity is in danger they are willing to make a team and fight for the justice and for the sake of their friends, parents and all humanity.

The Justice League

The influence

The success of the story resulted in another great creation which was Fantastic Four. It again consisted of famous superheroes fighting against villains altogether. Different companies started using the idea of creating a team of heroes. Probably all the films and animated versions of Justice League had great success since their release. More importantly their popularity is not decreased but it is growing and films about the super team are being introduced to the audience continuously.

Various video games

Of course such popularity of the team results in the creation of numerous video games based on the different storylines of Justice League. One of them is Calles Chronicles one of the first games produced that has three levels and each of them has two different heroes to complete the task. Every level consists of a mission to fight against dangerous villains and stop them. Justice League Heroes presents a unique storyline beyond the game. The player can choose any character he wants when he is a single player. From the start they have only seven options but as the game progresses new heroes are unlocked. The heroes can have two different costumes. Each level gives the opportunity to obtain skills and become stronger. This is important as many villains can kill the heroes even with one hit. One of the recent video games that received many positive reviews was the Injustice: Gods among us. Due to its special graphics and storyline it became rather popular. The main idea is the struggle of the superheroes Batman and Superman. Players can choose between two types of characters: the ones who use brute power and the ones who use weapons or other tools while fighting. It has several chapters so the player can discover something new within each level. Many games include all the characters at the same time, the others mainly focus on the certain character hero and accordingly the story goes around him or her. The graphics differ greatly from each other so people can choose the one they like most. However the main concept of the Justice League is preserved in all versions.

The Justice League

Justice League games have always been very popular not only among children but also teenagers and adults. The favorite superheroes of their childhood always bring good memories. The heroes fight together for the mutual goal against the enemies of humanity. These games give the most emotional feelings as all the favorite super humans of all time are put together in one place. The games always offer some alternatives beyond the original storylines to make it more interesting and attractive for the players. They beloved heroes gain new abilities and skills to fight against new monsters. They all have one and the same mission to save the world and even if they all are individuals with extraordinary powers altogether they make a unbreakable team.