Suicide Squad

The main idea

The film was released in August, 2016. Suicide squad is a superhero film that is based on the Comics book antihero story with the same title. It is created by D. Ayer involving numerous famous stars. The story goes as the secret government force release several villains from the jail to fight against the powers who want to control everything and everyone. In return of saving the world they will serve their sentences in reduced terms. Though all of them are criminals they unite for the same goal. The fil was developed by Warner Bros. and it was a great success in spite of the negative reviews by critics. It made about 750 million dollars worldwide. Due to the amount of earned money it became the 10th high-grossing films of the year. The film received a great number of awards and nominations due to its style, actors’ play and their appearances.

 Suicide Squad

The plot

A special task force is selected for a special mission. For the mission the most dangerous criminals from the Belle Reve prison are set free. The group includes killers, a former phycologist, a thief and many others. There is certain condition why they should risk their lives for the sake of others. The members can reduce the imprisonment term. However, they cannot escape or rebel because they have bombs attached to their necks and if they try to do so the bomb will explode. They are under control of Rick Flag whose girlfriend has become the main reason for the fight. She is an archeologist and once a witch named Enchantress is settled in her. The latter wants to punish humans and for her goal she summons her brother to help her and transforms a whole city into zombies fighting for her. The squad did not know about her once they arrived the place one of the members tries to persuade everyone that the neck bombs are tricks to scare them and wants to escape but the commander kills him exploding the bomb. As the squad finds out about Waller’s secrets they leave the commander but later reunite to fight the evil. Meanwhile Harley Quins’ boyfriend Joker tries to set her free and with the doctor who made the bombs arrives in helicopter but it is shut down and everyone thinks he is killed. Enchantress kidnaps Waller and one of the squad members sacrifices his life so that the others can go further. As they are defeated the witch makes them chose what they would like to have and leave and Harley acts as if she is interested in her proposal to come closer and make a way for others. So the commander manages to crash her heart and save his girlfriend who is still alive. The squad is returned to the prison and their sentence is reduced by 10 years. The Joker is back with his gang and he manages to free Harley so they left together in the end.

 Suicide Squad

The main characters

Deadshot is an expert marksman and a killer during the day but he is also caring father for his daughter. Though he likes killing people, he tries to live correctly because of his girl. Joker is a psychopathic villain the actor playing its role prepared a lot by talking to doctors and reading about it. The tattoos make his like real modern gangster. Harley Quin is madly in love with Joker as they have unhealthy relationships. She used to be a psychologist but her last patient makes her go crazy and she became addicted to him. She is described as funny, crazy and scary at the same time as you watch what she can do. Rick Flag is the leader of the squad and he serves in special forces under direct control of Waller though most often he does not share the similar opinions and ideas with her. Waller is a dangerous, powerful woman and very ambitious ready to sacrifice others on her sake. She is another villain who can perfectly cover her real personality. El Diablo differs from other members of the group, though he has special powers of burning everything around he never enjoys his abilities as it caused the death of people he loved. Another superhuman is killer Croc how is very strong and can breathe under water. He resembles to cannibal with high endurance. Among the other characters appear Batman and Flesh as their reprising roles. The music especially makes the film more emotional and enthusiastic. Besides the movie topping the charts the soundtracks make the top charts.

The sequels

The movie was definitely a great success and the creators have announced about the possible continuation of the story. The directors and scriptwriters are now working on the plan and the possible date for the production is set in mid-2018. The creators do not reject the fact that there is a chance of developing a separate story only for Harley Quin and her lover Joker. The team is also focusing on the separate storyline for Deadshot reporting.

The games

The Suicide Squad game gives the players the chance to choose from one of the main villains from the film to complete the missions. They need to search the city where a group was missing and find drags for them or develop their weapons. The players should remain in the game as much as possible killing more opponents during that time. From the available heroes, they can choose, are Harley Quin, Deadshot and El Diablo. Accordingly, they can make use of their abilities, like if it is Diablo they will use flame. The players can compete with the other people all over the world and rank the table sharing with their friends. As the plot of the game is based on the movie the heroes should take part in a deadly dangerous task and set free the city flooded with zombies and monsters. The unique graphics and characters’ styles make the game fun and entertaining for the fans.

 Suicide Squad