Definitely the character of Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. It goes without saying that this hero has been role model for all children. It is another successful story with a new hero in Marvel Comics. Since it was published for the first time in 1962 it has became one of the favorite heroes along with other famous superheroes from the comic books. Comic books, various animated versions and live action films are being presented even today and still they continue to have great success.

The main idea

The main character of the story is Peter Parker. He was just ordinary teenager at first sight who has a secret life nobody could even imagine. His parents were killed in a airplane crush so he was raised by his uncle and her wife. In fact Peter was not just a high school student as other children. He had super abilities and skills every child would dream of. He was super strong and was able to walk on the buildings by clinging to any surface with his special web-shooters. Peter was especially sensitive and could detect the danger immediately due to his special abilities. Although he never had someone to learn from and he always had to do everything by his own, Peter managed to invent his own devices which he used to attach to his wrists his spider-webs and move easily even one high buildings. Maybe at school he was a shy boy and very quite over the years his personality developed and improved. He became more active and social student and even made troubles for others. However he never stopped being an ideal hero for people who was always there for those who needed his help.

The origin

The creator claimed many times that he wanted to introduce a new hero that would be a bit different from the previous ones. Writer Stan had this idea of creating a new hero that will identify with the teenagers. It makes the story more attractive and interesting for children. Once he saw a spider that was moving along the wall and the idea came to him to create hero that will move like that. His new superhuman was a boy but he gave him the name Spider-man. This was because the creator did not want his new character to be lower from the other heroes. Beside he was determined to continue the story and progress the character over the time: from teenager into adult. With some difficulties Stan managed to publish his new story with a new superhero instead of the other one. Indeed he could not even imagine the book would become so popular and beloved. One of the most important elements about the superhero is definitely his costume. In this case it was not a exception. The costume was thoroughly thought and designed. All the details were taken into account: for instance as he had to climb the buildings the clothes and shoes should be lighter and the webs on his wrists made it easier to open them. His face also was covered to hide the childish face of the boy and besides make his personality mysterious for others so that everyone would wonder who could their saver be. The creators tried to make the story and the character less similar to other stories as possible. Eventually it became not just a simple regular story in a comic book but a new beginning, a story that will interest nor only children but also their parents.


The development

The publisher could not even imagine the story would have such success when it was revealed it became the best-selling comic book. Teenager chose the Spider-Man as their favorite hero among all the other superheroes. The storyline of spider-Man continues for several decades and never lost its popularity. It was so popular that sometimes they used it as a commercial. Once the writer made a message for the audience through the story about the drugs and even Comic’s Code Authority did not approve the story, it was a huge success.

Peter Parker as Spider-Man

Peter Parker as Spider-Man

Peter’s parents die in an accident and he has to move to his uncle’s house now. Once a radioactive spider bits him and his life changes ever since. Now he is nor an ordinary boy. He gains super abilities to climb the walls and ceiling and super strength, becomes sensitive and smart. As his father was one scientist he has the nature in his blood. Peter was able to create special webs that will come out of his wrists to be attached to walls so that he will move easily on the walls. At first the device was just for fun and he does not see it serious. He once let the robber get away as he does not care about such things but later he meets the same person again when the latter kills his uncle. This becomes a crucial point in his life when he understands that the strength brings responsibilities with him. The time passes and Peter graduates the school and goes to the university. Now he lives with his aunt who hardly makes the two ends meet. It is hard period for the hero as he learns about his friend’s drug addiction and his father’s being a villain. There is a moment where he wants to give up when his girlfriend’s father died during the fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin. Then the villain kills his girlfriend throwing her from the tower where Spider-Man cannot rescue her. Afterwards Peter has romantic feelings for one of his friends Mary though the first time he proposes her and gets rejected. However the second time he succeeds and they get married. Though some versions do not include his marriage and the part where he reveals his identity. As people think that his identity should be mysterious and he should be single that is the real model of hero. Peter gains new abilities during the time and then changes his costume for awhile. Though the audience does not like the new one considering the traditional red and blue outfit is iconic: the symbol of the hero.

The character

Peter is more like ordinary people with their daily problems and life difficulties. The audience feels closer to him as he has the same serious problems in his personal life as everyone can have: he loses his parents, his first love, he is bullied at school and he struggles to live. Originally Peter is shy and quiet boy with a lot of complexes. He does not like to communicate much with others. But the public has the opportunity to follow the development of his character. How he improves from the school to the university and then gets the job of the photographer. First he represents young people teenagers with their problems then as an adult his problem become more serious and real. He even has some connection to politics finding himself as a law-upholding liberal. He is the main character of the story as it goes on but Spider-man has various supporting characters that make the vital part of the story. They consist of his friends and rivals or people who are directly connected to him or his secret identity character. In general the characters change during some period of time some are being added and others disappear though certain characters remain unchanged. Peter is a clever person who takes responsibility and never fears the difficulties. He will do everything for the sake of his friends and beloved people and those who need his help.

Spider-Man’s abilities

The spider that bites the boy makes a lot of changes in his body and result in mutation. Peter acquires new abilities and super powers. He has a special strength and an accurate sense of danger. He is able to remain in ideal balance and use extra speed the humans cannot have. He is strong in different fields of science that allows him to create special devices for himself. Such examples are his webs shooting from hands, a flashlight and even a unique camera that can take photos automatically. With the help of his devices he is able to complete his powers and improve his skills. As he always faces the villains of different type Spider-man should be ready for every kind of surprise from them.

Video games

One of the first video games produced by Sega was based on the storyline with the same title. It was more improved version of the game with new levels and special graphics. It has a certain story include the main hero who has to find the essential keys from the opponents and save people from the bomb. The main weapon of the Spider-man is webs but they are not unlimited so the player should take pictures and sell them. The game has also four-player version so that several people can play it at the same time. In general the first Spider-Man games were fighting games where the hero should defeat the villains and move forward through the levels. Continuously different companies developed various games including the hero of Spider-Man designed for different platforms. They created games based on the films including the voices of the actors from the movies. Bothe the movies and the games had great success from the very beginning. The concepts of these games do not differ much from the films. The main setting and character remain unchanged and generally it was destined for younger audience. Sony developed mobile games based on the movies. They had success and continued to release new versions of the games. The games correspond to the modern techniques of the phones with special affects and graphics. In some games the player can change the suit of the character whenever it is damaged or at will.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a special game that can offer several versions at the same time for the players. One of the recent games produced gives the players the opportunity to have an open world concept. It is similar to a batman game instead the main character is the Spider-Man. In this game the player should collect the comic books as they can be found in different places during the game. The damage the character has is shown trough the costume he wears. It can be repaired in a special place. The player needs money to unlock other types of costumes in various colors for the hero so he should take pictures of certain items which are spread in the city in numerous locations. In different version during the game the player should complete other mini games and missions and at higher levels player can choose to control the creator of Spider-man. Wii version of the game offers another concept though the main storyline, voices and some designs are the same. The player does not have a free environment instead in the apartment he has the chance to select the level from the map. As soon as the choice is made the character appears in the necessary place to start the game. Beside the main tasks the player should complete other minor tasks that will give additional points. He does not have to shoot the special symbols of spiders but he needs to find real evidence against the villains or take their pictures. The evidence includes audio and video files or other documents. This will increase his points and open new items on menu. Though it does not have various suits to unlock but instead while completing the missions the skill rank increases and new items appear on the menu. Gradually the players open new locations and gain the ability to exchange thing with others. All the games including the character of Spider-Man are rather popular and the creators continues to surprise their fans with new ideas putting the favorite hero in the center of attention and letting the players to solve problems with him.