Pokemon Go

This is definitely one of the most successful games of all time. Starting from 1995 even now it has not lost its popularity and continues to stay one of the best-selling games of the time. Maybe such international success and popularity directly depends on the simplicity of the game and its gradual evolution of techniques

The main idea of the game

An interesting fact about the creator of the pokemon is that he had such a hobby to gather insects and this hobby later made him create the game based on it. The main idea of the game initially was to collect animals which are so called pokemon species, as many as possible from all regions so that they can choose the strongest ones for the future battles. After they have all the types available they pick some of them for the fight. As soon as the powerful team is ready they train their pokemons preparing to compete against other teams. The ultimate goal of trains is to win all the battles and become the champion. These are the main principles of every game: gathering the animals, training them and fighting against different teams

The concept

There are certain rules for the trainers who collect the species to follow. In most games the trainers have special tool called pokemon ball which allows them to capture the wild types and keep them under their control, so their collection will be improved and enriched with new members. Now it will obey any command from the owner and continue training under his team, though one cannot capture the types which already have their owners. When the pokemon win in a battle against the other one (the opponents is defeated when it cannot stand on the ground any more) it gains special experience points and after a certain amount they can go to the next level. Gradually they obtain speed and more strength and even in some levels they are given new movements. So their technique is developing all the time and some types can even transform into bigger and stronger shape. This transformation is like an evolution of the animals. As it has already been mentioned a trainer needs a team. Before he gets the chance to play in the league a lot of non-payer characters should be defeated. It is like a journey the player should go through to complete the battles and reach the goal which is to win against all teams and the former champions to become the new one. This journey is full of fun adventures and difficulties the players should overcome.

The development of generations

Ever since the game was released it has always gone through changes and improvements. The concepts, characters and strategies are constantly improved and changed, a lot of new material is being added to the game to make it more interesting and funny. So whenever a new sequel is introduced to the public it represents a new generation. Even the animes and other type of games are updated whenever a new generation starts. Generally they introduce a new one every several years. The first generation still had all the main concepts of the game and only one hundred and fifty characters, but this number is constantly increasing and now it is more than 800. With every generation the creators offer a number of new game concepts, rules and techniques, new levels and regions to conquer. Keeping up with the technology improvement they also used the 3Ds translating the game into nine different languages in this way enlarging the worldwide popularity of the game.

The characters

Pokemon species differ greatly from each other. Each of them has its own charm and charisma but rather than that they are all strong though their abilities are not similar to each other. Each has a unique power and an interesting look. They all have different names and capabilities but they are nearly the same size. One of the most famous characters is probably Pikachu which also became the main character in anime series. Its power is electricity which hits anyone or anything whenever they come across. Some use the energy from the Sun, others can destroy anything with their fire, while some move quickly others stay still as they have iron shell to protect themselves. So the types are various it is all a matter of taste.


Anime series were based on the original pokemon games making both of them famous. There are several main characters: trainers with their pokemons who travel the around the world and defeat different evil poekmons. With every generation the series change though the main character Ash and his friend Pikachu are on the focus all the time. Their journeys are full of adventures and new interesting experience. Besides the anime series several films were made and numerous children’s books were published based on the anime.

The reality game

Pokemon go is a location-based game designed for different devices. The players use the devices’ ability to locate for capturing the animals. The main principles of training and fighting the animals are the same. In addition it gives the opportunity to see the creatures as the real ones. The player and the animals are like in the real-world location. The players have map and the same way they go around the virtual player moves on the map. They are provided by different tools and places of interest. Every type can be found in the exact place on the map. Using the camera affect the game allows showing the images of the creatures in the real world and the player just throws a ball to capture them. Afterward they have the chance to develop the animals and fulfill the collection. Collecting more and more points (usually the points depend on the families of the animals they belong to) they move to other levels where they have the opportunity to compete against other teams or join them.

The popularity of the game rises worldwide and it continues developing offering more and more new versions for the fans.