This is a multiplayer video game that was developed by Bluehole. The creators claim that the inspiration for the game came from the film so they expanded the idea and the previous modes of the game. It was originally created for Windows in 2017 but after release the sale went high and they sold more than ten million copies within half of the year and they decided to release other version for different platforms by the end of the year. The game has a unique concept as hundred players come to an island and search for the tools and weapons to kill the opponents. At the same time they should avoid the enemies that want to kill them. To survive the players should find safe locations as it may decrease during the match. So in the end the player or the team that survives the match and remains safe will be the winner.

The concept

Before starting the game the layer can select whether he or she will play alone in solo mode or with a team that may include up to four members. This is a battle till the death as there will be only one winner and only on survivor. In case it is a team the members should be the last ones in the safe area and the same goes for solo player. The players start the game with the intrigue already. As they arrive to the island in planes which cannot land safely they should parachute from it. The island is a map with a certain size for about eight kilometers. The players should choose the correct moment to fly to increase the possible damage. They do not have any armor or clothes as all these they should find in the island. As soon as they land the players go and try to search for buildings where most likely clothes and equipments are hidden. On the map there are safe and risky areas so the players should be careful to not be killed. The best weapons are usually in the most perilous places. The players can choose whether to play from the first person or the third person perspective. The different opportunities have both their advantages and disadvantages in various situations. However the game gives the chance to make everyone play with the same perspective so that the differences will not be so visible.

The rules

The time in general in the game is limited. Each round lasts no more than thirty minutes. So this makes the battle even more intense. Every a certain amount of time the safe area on the island starts to tighten. When the player appears outside the safe location it may cause him damage and after several times taking damage the player may be eliminated unless he or she finds a safe area. The zones that are safe are marked by blue walls so that the players can distinguish them and makes it more visible for them. As the area shrinks the possibility of the opponents to meet is greater. Beside the damage the enemy can cause the game also makes them struggle. From time to time some areas turn into red and that means that soon a bomb will explode. Another trick is that a plane can fly over and a package will fall from it that will produce some red smoke making the players to come over and they may possibly meet their opponents. However the players are usually notified before such tricks happen so they will have time to move to safer place. At the end of each round the players get points depending on how long they remain in the game or how many opponents they kill and hurt. Later they can use these points to buy cosmetic items and develop their characters.

The structure

The structure of the game was thoroughly designed by the developers. The first map includes many brutal pieces of architecture from last century. The team makes the concept in way so that the players should make a plan, a strategy before entering into a building or when attacking the opponent. The players are given the freedom to make decisions. The other maps representing either a desert or a areas which are covered with snow are in the process of development. As the team tries to make the graphics more interesting and entertaining. From the very beginning the players already make a plan about when to parachute or how long stay with a team or go on their own way to find better equipments and avoid encountering others. So there are three stages for the players to overcome: the first one is the decision to fly from the plane and then to find a perfect place and weapons and the last one is the battle with the opponents. The players soon offered new mode to the game that was accepted by the creators. The zombie mode that gives the opportunity for the players to take off their clothes and move like zombies who can collect only certain sort of weapons while the others have the right to obtain any sort of tool.

The development

The creator of the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is Brendan Greene. He has previously developed many other successful games but he wanted to make this one a unique first person shooter game with no repeating clues. He had many inspirations for the game such as Hunger games which has the same idea of a certain amount of people to survive. To make his game more interesting he tried to make the maps larger so that it would be difficult to memorize it and randomly change the locations of the weapons. Beside he gave the players freedom by letting them find their weapons not from a central base and add safe zones where they can rest.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took nearly a year to be released and the team made every detail in the game fun for the players. The unique style of the game made it to success.