The game was created by Blizzard entertainment. Overwatch represents a multiplayer video game designed for several platforms like Windows, Playstation and Xbox one. With its release from 2016 it gained a lot of popularity due to the promotion by the company by the help of short videos that introduced the main plot of the game and the characters. The game is highly appreciated even by critics thanks to its variety of the heroes, bright colorful style and funny gameplay. It even was awarded as the best game of the year. The creators constantly develop the concept to keep it interesting to all players: from the ones one are freshman to the ones who are already experienced and skillful. They keep on creating new tournaments events for the players.


The main idea

An important characteristic of the game is that Overwatch is a team game. The idea is that the players are put into groups consisting of six people so they must work together. The players can choose individually from the twenty five characters offered before the grouping. These characters have their own unique style and fall into certain categories of defense, offense, support or tank. The players have limited time during which they have to protect the main points and escort the payload on the map. The teammates help each other and secure what they control. They can get rewards though the latter do not influence the gameplay as the heroes are not changed. There exist a special competitive rank table and browser with a player-customizable server. The developers update the characters, the maps and add new game modes to it and they try to keep all the updates free. The creators wanted to make new heroes which would be different from each other and at the same time they try to keep the balance between them so that everyone will be pleased with the concept.

The gameplay

As the game offers a squad based union where the two groups of six players should compete with each other the gameplay is more fun and entertaining. When the players select a character according to its abilities and style which is one from the four general categories they are given a certain position in the group. When they form the group the game gives an advice to the players if the balance within the group is not correct: either they lack defense or support or whatever. So the players can change their heroes to bring the group to a balance. The game encourages them to think about the strategy against the opponent taking into account their abilities. Each character has some original moves and can gain several new ones during the game. While developing the new skills the player will reach to the ultimate skill which requires some time to be used. Whenever the hero uses the skill he or she pronounce something in the mother tongue so that the opponent has a moment to take over and then answer to it. Once used skill need some time to be in action again. Usually the players develop the skills quicker for completing different tasks such as healing the other members of the group. Other points in Overwatch the player may gain when killing the opponent or helping the others doing it and protecting them. The game has a special replay system. When the battle is over the game automatically selects the moments which were the most effective and important one during the match and represents them to the all members of the team. These are the highlights of the game that greatly help them to succeed. The scores the players get are based on several factors. These can be whether they fail or win how much effect the characters’ abilities have. The get medals for the match so does the team.


The main categories

As it has already mentioned the general categories are four. The heroes belong to one of the categories so their abilities vary according to which they belong to. The offense heroes are fast and can attack with great power but they lack of defense. They can cause much damage and it is difficult to hit them as they have high mobility. The defense heroes are the so called choke points. They are meant to protect certain area on the map and they can also support the members by setting traps in the field. The support heroes can either enhance the abilities of the group or weaken the opponents by providing healing and speed alternatives. They do not attack or harm the enemy but rather help the other members to defeat the enemy easily. And finally the tank heroes gain more points than any other character in the game. As the name already hints they have the ability to protect themselves and the whole group in different ways. One of them is the skill to defend the team from the fire. So each character is unique and is essential to the team to keep it in a balance.

The characters

The developers pay a lot of attention to the variety of the characters. They include a great number of representatives of gender and ethnics. This involves males, females, human and non-human heroes like robots and gorillas. This was done to show there are no limits as the gaming nowadays is for everybody. Each one can find similarities with the heroes no matter what nation they come from. The characters have their style, background and personality different from each other to display the diversity all around the world. And this has definitely succeeded.

The various modes of the game are awesome. The maps are chosen for the game individually and each supports a special type of attack and defense. Overwatch offers a huge number of game modes that include practice and tutorials where the players learn to fight the opponents; custom games and competitive matches that enable the players of the same region to compete with each other for the first place. It gives the chance to bring together potential allies to face the terrorism and criminal acts. The players are in charge of the location a world that is called Overwatch.