Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts 3 is an upcoming video game with a single-player mode created by Square Enix. The game is developed for the platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. Action role-playing game is one of the installments of original version Kingdom Hearts. As to the plot is considered as sequel to the second part of the game as the events take place after one of the main heroes Sora returns and together with Donald Duck, Riku and Mickey they attempt to search for 7 guardians of light and key to return hearts. They should prevent the world from war as their enemy wants to bring a second keyblade war. During their journey heroes come across with each other and explore the world which based on various Disney possessions. The game has some similarities with original series of Final Fantasy. After the release of second part in Japan, creators started planning on Kingdom Hearts 3 according to some rumors. Though in 2013 developers confirmed the release of the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 have a great number of features from the previous series with additional new concepts such as different Disney parks. The release is set in 2018 without any exact date confirmed.

Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts 3 will not differ greatly in gameplay from previous parts. Creators say that combat will be included in the system with new evolution much like the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 3D. This is where they can try new things and use most interesting ones in the game. Creators highlight the fact that when they were about to create Kingdom Hearts firstly they decided on a funny gameplay and then created a story around it that would have been interesting and entertaining. So they continue with the same idea of creating fun concept for Kingdom Hearts 3 as they always try to present something new. So the game will both include the old traditions and small changes in mechanics. Sora returns as main playable hero and she joins Goofy and Donald Duck. Players have the possibility of adding two new heroes to the group so it will shape a five-member party. One of the additional heroes available to play is considering to be king Mickey.


Gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 3 is frantic and very exciting. Presented opponent Al is rather complicated this will bring to a balance the two sides. Main character has the ability to use magic with the help of strong tier of every level. Additional elements in a new gameplay involve various types of opponents and new skills such as wall running and jumping, summons and different transitions. Players have the chance to attack at the same time with a team together. A special Keyblade transformations are available that can be unlocked when players complete all the tasks in the game and the type of transitions depend on the world so they change from level to level. This ability can be referred to Drive form similar with other forms such as Guard form that allows Keyblade to change into shelter or Power form that transfers it into hammer or a drill. Other transformations include Sora wearing his old outfit from previous game. In addition, several new capabilities used in fights exist preserving shotlocks. Along with small opponents, players now will fight against big bosses. Players can use various summon attacks as main characters gain more freedom in movements and try new punches. Main hero can jump on opponents shaped as a vehicle. With a new ability of Athletic flow players will manage to make use of surroundings to reach the locations that were previously inaccessible. Gummi ship serves a way to move from one world of the game to another.


Creators are determined to include Tangled world in the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 3. The gameplay is an individual world with rich design and elements so one can enjoy himself and the gameplay instead of several small worlds without any resemblance to Final fantasy. It is not clear whether Disney worlds will be included or are looking for new ones. As developers seek some original ideas for the concept they want variety something different. Not to choose a similar type of worlds so that the gameplay will be the same with previous ones. Every world should have a meaning connected to the plot and a world that makes gameplay fun and fresh. According to the recent announcements creators want to select something featuring Toy Story as the main hero Sora fit in the concept and the world.


Sora being the main hero of the story organizes a group along with other characters as Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey, Kairi and Riku. The evil that returns from previous series is master Xehanort. Other new characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 are Woody and Buzz Lightyear who are new to the game.


Main hero is spike and ambitious teenager who grew up in a Disney island along with his best friends. When fighting his outfit can change depending on players’ taste. his main weapon is Keyblade that looks like a key with a long silver keychain that can obtain various forms as one selects the way he uses it. He is powerful and always believes in his friends and everyone appreciates him for his good heart.

Kingdom Hearts 3


He is a hero with dreams and aims to conquer other worlds and obtain more power. He is sometimes a best friend and sometimes a rival for Sora. Riku is calm and organized. He has a romatic storyline with Kariri. He also makes use of Keyblade being a master of it. Sometimes he gets under the influence of dark forces but is able to overcome the difficulties and return to his normal self.

Kingdom Hearts 3


The girl initially came from radiant garden. Kairi was taken to Destiny islands after her hometown is destroyed. Young girl uses a keyblade as a weapon and is considered as a successor to Aqua.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Master Xehanort

The main villain in Kingdom Hearts 3 and all previous series. His name already hints the fact that he is the enemy (no heart). Being possessed by keyblade mysteries he uses darkness for personal aims to bring a war. In Kingdom Hearts 3 Xehanort will have his final fight with Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 3