Iron Man

This fictional character first published in a comic book quickly becomes one of the favorite superheroes of the time. An awesome hero who fights against the evil and saves the human world becomes popular not only among children but also among adults. As both cartoons and films based on this story gain huge popularity and make a lot of fans across the world. In spite of the tragic story of the main character who suffered still being young the hero made for the others to dream and to try to be like him. He lost his parents at the young age and had to take the responsibility of numerous people he never gave up and tried his best to overcome all the difficulties. A superhero that is always ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of others this is who hides behind the heavy metal costume. This is a man with a great power and kind heart: one of the greatest heroes of the time.

Iron Man

The character of Iron man

Tony Stark is the real name of the hero who is a rich playboy and successful inventor. He owns an international company which was making new weapons and once when he was in Vietnam displaying his new invention he got injured and after became a slave under one of the warlord’s control. He continues working for them creating new items. In secret he was able to create super suit for him that will keep him alive and protect from everyone. So he managed to escape and come back to the US. Here it turns out that he can never dismiss the special chest that protects him otherwise he will die. Moreover now he needs to charge it because it can run out of power easily at any moment. Tom was lucky enough to have supporters such as his secretary and chauffeur and also a pilot who help him to create his own suit and fight against the villains to save the world and human’s life. With his newly designed red and gold costume he will face many difficulties and will be able to overcome them for the sake of humanity.

Animated versions

First it was released in 1966 and afterwards it continues to appear on tv. Only in 2008 the movie was introduced to the public. R. Downey starred the main character and the film was a real success. He managed to demonstrate the hero’s character in a new way showing the true charisma of the personality of the hero. That is why the creators continued to release the second and the third parts which were no less popular. Iron man appeared not only in the series of Iron man but also in other films as one of the superheroes.

Iron Man

Special abilities

He was able to save his own life by injecting a special virus in his nervous system so that he obtained unbelievable healing ability. Merging with the armor now he did not need heavy devices to protect himself as he was able to make them lighter. He could control it without any effort. So the elements of the armor are inside his body and he can remove them whenever he wants. When he had to protect the information about his new invention from the wrong people he created a new arc reactor which develops his strength and intellect. Tony was a real genius as he managed to graduate the institute at the age of seventeen mastered in physics and engineering. In spite of his young age he could run the business and was well respected in that industry. He was always loyal to his employees but could never forgive them if they did something illegal. He took a full responsibility of his duties being a role model for the others.

Iron man games

As it became so popular and beloved character worldwide with a lot of fans especially after the creation of the movies of Iron man, people tried to make good use of it and create also iron man games. We can say that the film and the game were introduced to the audience nearly at the same time. First it was designed by Sega but it has different versions suitable for a great number of platforms and even for mobile devices. The game and the story are similar. It has very bright and attractive visual effects and similar scenes from the story. The video game begins with the adventure when the hero is creating his super costume. As it goes in the story he has to run away from the terrorist group that follows him. After that the storyline differs a little from the original one. In general the video game is just the repetition of the movie that makes the hero to fight against the villains as it is in real story.

Iron Man

The secret armor

The armor became his secret weapon against his opponents that helps to face them in a battle and defeat. The weapon was originally created by him to keep his life and eventually it becomes the tool to save others too. He becomes a superhuman with a great power, durability and intellect. He kept his identity in secret as he was sure that if his secret was revealed some people use it against others so the consequences will be terrible. The suit keeps changing over the time. He always develops the system by adding or removing some details. He develops several types of costumes for different goals. One was made special for the use of mystic power as he had to face Thor, the other had to increase the power and solidity to be able to fight enormous villains. The latest improvement was to connect the elements that were put in his bones with his brain to control them directly. A superhero that cannot be defeated is real dream for every child, so Iron man makes it possible to consider him as the strongest hero.