Fortnite is an upcoming fantastic video game which is developed for several platforms as free-to-play access. The game is planned in 2018, though its one versus one mode was already released in 2017. It is a surviror game that acquires different skills and specila focus on a team work.


The main idea

Fortnite has a specific background story that follows the future progres of actions. Once the most part of population just vanished from the planet and only small groups of survivors managed to stay alive. The planet is in chaos not only because of the disappeared people but the environment. The clouds are bizarre and they dark and very thick all the time. People lack resources to continue their living and in addition to all these scaring creatures fall from the sky that are like zombies and destroy everything on their way. Human beings should fight them and find ways to survive. Fortnite players take the role of a leader in a certain group and control all the actions. They create special bases, storm shield to protect themselves from husks. Groups can enhance their activities besides exploring the nature to find resources and necessary elements that are essential for life. They use various weapons against their enemies and improve them over time. Various teams can come across and unite against a common enemy so that it will be easier to win. As all humans have now only one opponent that threatens to the life of the planet and human race. All of the groups are searching for methods and new ways to stay alive and bring back all as it was before. The future greatly depends on them.


Fortnite offers two different gameplays that are somehow similar in design and settings and at the same time have diverse concepts and ultimate goal. The first one is a save the world challenge and the other one represents a battle that is between players. So in first case they have common enemy and in the second one it is more like a competition.


Save the world

Such mode in Fortnite game offers a unique trip in a most dangerous places to hunt items and discover resources, help other survivors and prepare weapons, build shelters and survive. So players are given a group of four people and they are in charge for them. One of the most essential duties to defend the shelter from zombie attacks and improve it by constructing additional walls or ceiling putting windows and doors. This is the place where the team should return from time to time as they should save it at any cost. Fortnite mission is to free more check points and take all of them under control. Players hunt various items that can either be food or armor material to create tools and weapons. There is a great variety of weapons with diverse possibilities that can be developed further. Players are given several maps as to explore and find certain things and new areas. The game has night and day circle. Usually the enemy attacks at night so players can set traps for them as to learn when they are near. There are tasks to complete within a given period of time and they can last even several days. If they manage to finish it correctly on time or the task is done using less options than offered players are given extra awards and they can use them to reinforce they shelter enlarge the location. Fortnite always gives surprises to its fans to make game more attractive and entertaining. As a reward player are given new characters that can be involved in their groups or they help them to create new team and exchange experience points. Such points increase their rating and add new abilities. As they have special skill tree that shows the missions completed and help to open new skills. All the points player obtain serve as a status and decides his rating in Fortnite. Game has a magnificent alternative as they offer unique events with corresponding themes. One of the great evens is Halloween.


Battle Royal

Fortnite battles are like other battle games of such kind. The concept is simple a hundred of players land randomly in various areas of a given locations and the aim is to survive as long as possible. They can play as individuals or as a group member. However, the point is that in both cases they should be the one to stay alive. As they land on the location players lack any sort of resources or weapons. They start searching and collecting anything they discover. The safe zone reduces so they should rush and find a shelter otherwise characters are damaged and if they remain there longer they will be dead. This also done so that players encounter each other suddenly and the game will be more intense. So they fight with all their power to survive.

fortnite: battle royale


There are several types of heroes provided by Fortnite creators and each of the has its unique capabilities. These categories are four for beginners and to say which one is the strongest player is hard. All of them is powerful in each sphere so it is up to players to select the one that fits them most.


Fortnite Outlanders

Such characters have a harvest as their priority. This means their skills include searching and collecting necessary items and resources. Their main task is to explore. They are able to improve survival abilities and obtain new effects.

Fortnite Constructors

Definitely their mission in the game is generally to build shelters. They manage to carry heavy cube and they players make use of it they will save resources. They reinforce already made buildings and also are capable of defeating opponents when they are near the base.

Fortnite Ninja

These characters are very flexible and can conduct certain techniques. It has unique style of fighting with its medium-range projectiles. They produce smoke that prevent enemy attacks for some time and as they kill one ninjas become shadows and when hit by the opponent they are not hurt.


Fortnite Commando

Such characters are warriors and they are able to change the position of mines and increase the rate of fire if they succeed in putting a headshot. They can make use of various grenades and weapons.