Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Upcoming game Final Fantasy 7 remake is an action role-playing video game that is originally designed for PlayStation. It is a remake of an original Final Fantasy 7 video game produced by Square Enix still in 1997. Remake will have similar storyline with the original version based on the story of main character Strife who fights against a corrupted corporation with an eco-terrorist group called Avalanche. Gameplay is generally presented as a real-time action and it will have strategic elements alike with another sequel of original game Dissidia Final Fantasy. For many years there was a great demand for the remake of the game and finally dvelopers made a decision to recreate it. Final fantasy 7 remake will consist of multipart series as creators of the original version do not want to miss any part from initial game. However, as there will be several parts creators want to add new materials and storylines in the game with main heroes corresponding to the new design and graphics of the game and to keep the balance between them. There is no accurate dae set for the release of Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Background story is taken from original Final Fantasy 7 so remake will retell the story. The main character is Cloud who is a part of a special group Avalanche. After a successful operation to explode a reactor Cloud appears in q slum of the town where he meets Aerith. He saves her from enemies’ attacks and at the same time his groups location is revealed and most part of the city is destroyed. Along with the population many of his group members are dead. When his friend is captured Cloud manages to release her again though he sacrifices himself and is put in prison. Once he wakes up his cell door is open so Tifa, Barret and Cloud are able to escape to learn the president is dead. Sephiroth who is considered dead for several years already is the mastermind behind the murder. So group Avalanche starts following him and many other heroes join them. Encountering him in an abandoned city they learn he wants to induce black material, something that will be a great threat to the world. Though the group manages to retrieve it Sephiroth manipulates Cloud making him kill his friend. Fortunately, Aerith is able to win over him but it turns out he is just a clone one of those created by Jenova. Eventually Cloud finds out he was never a real soldier and his memories are about his friend Zack. He overcomes the difficulties and could fatally hurt the enemy. After some time, he is able to rejoin his group with Tifa. They leave Holy stays to block the upcoming meteor and Livestream helps him to destroy it. After many years it is seen in the ruins some green places to show the world is recovering.


Final fantasy 7 remake will be a total recovery of initial video game preserving main narrative and iconic heroes with already familiar locations that fans like. Players will play the character of main hero Cloud Strife. He is a mercenary who knows himself as a part of a terrorist group. The members of the group want to defend the world from Shinra, the enemy who controls everything with the help of money in Midgar city. The story is divided into three different parts. In every serie story is told differently like an approach to unknown places. The company has not confirmed yet whether every part will be a complete priced affair or not.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Final Fantasy 7 remake is taking a risky step to recreate something so popular as its original version but the creators announced there will be huge changes in gameplay and especially the battle system varies from initial version and is similar to game Kingdom hearts. Mainly, turn-based systems are now transformed into more energetic and active experience. Battle system is more akin to Final Fantasy 15 and events are now more real-time. Characters will explore the planet full of opponents instead of traveling by a separate map. There are some claims there will be an open world as the experience will be split into several parts. Original version of the game offers an endless nature to explore but Final fantasy 7 remake will be limited to certain essential places depending on the story. Still in 2015 when developers revealed about the plans of the remake they presented a trailer showing the early stages of the game and general idea about the concept. Developers find the most important part of the changes is that in Final fantasy 7 remake players will be able to select weapons, abilities and a certain magic and plan their strategy alone. As the group includes three members, players can select of them they will control. Limit breaks exist in remake but the use will be a bit different. New capabilities and skills are added to heroes and they will vary depending on the characters’ fighting style. The presence of special Limit gauges and ATB gives the opportunity players calculate their attacks as they do not show the command of attacks. The attack can be organized when gauge is filled. The information about the style of guarding is still unknown.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


The planet events happen is called Gaia and it the only place where human race exists more than any other species. The planet is under control of a corporation called Shinra Electric Power who use their power to rule every aspect of life such as economics, military and politics. The gat profit by using special reactors. They gain a unique energy and transfer it into electricity that helps people to use technological innovations and make life easier. However, the company hides a lot of crimes committed by them unknown to public such as abuse of authority, manipulation, human rights abuses and many others making reactors as the domain power source. But the energy is taken from Lifestream which is the force to make the planet live. Life is born from it and it returns to it upon death. So the planet in in danger as planet can become a place where plants barely grow. The group Avalanche in final fantasy 7 remake has the task to destroy the power keeping everything under control.