Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is made by H. Sakaguchi under the development of Square Enix in Japan. It is an action video game based on fantasy series. Final Fantasy is a science fiction and its first release was in 1987. It was creator’s last attempt in gaming industry and it had a great fortune. Even the headline was already a huge success and it leaded to the development of the series sequels and a great variety of spin-offs. Various types of multiplayer, racing and fighting Final Fantasy games exist for a great number of platforms though originally it was created for Nintendo. Some of the versions of Final Fantasy are a bit different from the original story, however, major components of topics, storyline and main heroes are preserved. Principal idea of the story is based on a group of heroes who are brought together to fight an evil. Though the main roles are usually common in all stories their names can be changed depending on the difference of languages, cultures and history. Final Fantasy was one of the best-selling video games of all time. It became popular due to its innovative techniques and visuals, as heroes were realistic in a full motion videos. Final Fantasy series were furor in game industry that have affected a lot of game developers.

Final Fantasy


Generally Final Fantasy series have common plot. The story focuses on a group of heroes who have to eliminate the foe, a villain, and save everyone. Principle characters are united to win over the common opponent which sometimes is presented by an ancient evil who runs the world. Final fantasy series mainly have a central idea of heroes fighting in uprising in state with a sovereign government. A common element in games is two enemies. Usually the opponent who is submitted first is not the ultimate. Over a time, heroes have to go on struggling and make their way to the final fight with a real enemy. Besides the primary struggle with an evil, storylines in Final Fantasy series put much attention on the heroes, on their personal stories and development. The background story reveals relationships between heroes that can involve romance and sometimes rivalry. Heroes can have inner struggles when attacked by the opponent forces. Another important elements of Final Fantasy games are orbs and crystals in which latter has essential role in world creation so creators connect them with the life force on the planet. Accordingly control of these items becomes crucial and major dispute.

Final Fantasy


Players control heroes making commands on how they move. In Final Fantasy games usually characters progress over the time and develop new abilities. They explore the planet and encounter opponents accidentally at random places. This trend has been preserved in major part of Final fantasy series. Players can choose from different orders whether to fight use magic or item selecting participants from menu to involve in fights. Generally, battle systems change from game to game. Players gain the opportunity of real-time battle where they should continuously fight depending on the order. Gradually creators focus on combat system to develop action-oriented feel and give players more challenges. One of the recent series of Final Fantasy created an open combat system that will let players to have an active battle scene with free attacks and moves. They can also stop the fight and select an item to use against an opponent. To progress characters one should obtain points by killing enemies and go through proficiency levels. Some games allow players choose from different classes each representing unique skills and abilities for heroes. Magic can be considered as a common element in Final Fantasy. Players obtain magic differently depending on various installments. The Sorcery alters by colors:

  • White magic is usually used for help when teammates need it so it usually centers on spells.
  • Black magic is for attacks generally used to harm the rivals.
  • Red magic is represented as a mixture of two other colors that are white and black.
  • Blue magic can give the ability of imitating the opponents’ attacks.
  • Green magic has the ability of status effect which provides players temporary modification of character’s initial set with the use of special abilities and powers both to teammates and opponents.
  • Time magic centers on special themes of time gravity and space.
  • Summoning magic brings back to life fabulous characters to assist in the fight and they are usually inspired by ancient mythologies of various cultures.

Main series

After the release of original Final Fantasy game in 1987 numerous sequels continued to appear in different parts of the world. In fact, these so called sequels are not the continuation of the original story though titles are just numbered and preserve the same name. The stories in each Final Fantasy series are unrelated to previous one. Developers continue to produce new installments for various platforms. They introduced a great number of sequels and remakes of Final Fantasy video game and some of them are not, in fact, even connected to the game but somehow they involve many elements from the game such as Kingdom Hearts series.

Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy series include a great number of characters which are common in a gameplay. Even in remakes of the original game the appearance of one of the characters Cid is overwhelming. He greatly differs from other characters with his personality and ambitions even being aa villain and non-playable hero. Mainly he is described by two characteristics which are that he is a scientist and that he is connected to airship acquired by party. Usually he has one of these two characteristics at least. Biggs and Wedge are heroes inspired by Star Wars characters with the same name. Common heroes in Final fantasy series are chocobos and moogles. The former is a big bird that usually cannot fight but helps characters to travel. The latter is white unique creature that looks like a bear and has wings and antenna. They have various abilities and skills such as delivering messages, creating weapons and saving the battle.