Crackdown 3

Crackdown is a developing video game that has several sequels, that were started to release since 2007. It is an adventurous action game and its director is D. Jones. Crackdown was developed by various organizations, but mainly Microsoft was the studio to release the game. The basic events happen in an imaginary place in the future. The place is under control of a special company and it is called Agency. The latter is a secret company and rules the city with the help of its powerful soldiers. The main focus in Crackdown series is on the super soldiers who struggle against a huge number of enemies and criminals, also different terrorist groups which have their own names and a great variety of monsters that look like zombies. The two games of Crackdown were released with the three years’ difference and they both were a great success. Currently the creators set the development of the new Crackdown 3 game and it is planned to release it in 2018. The game is created for the certain platforms as Xbox and Microsoft. Though the originals series lack a certain storyline in the game Crackdown was mainly praised for its style and its possibility of letting the player make huge destruction. Crackdown won multiple rewards as a video game in various aspects. So in general the game is considered as a commercial success for its positive reviews.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3

It will be an open world action game continuing the traditions of previous Crackdown games. Now the game is in development by a British group of companies who continue cooperating with the creator of the original series. The Crackdown 3 will be published by Microsoft after eight years of the release of the latest sequel. Though originally the developers were planning to release sooner in 2017, it was delayed till the next year. This tie Crackdown 3 will be focused on massive destruction and the players will manage to knock down everything in the game. The developers revealed that the third part of the game will preserve the techniques of the previous series. Mainly Crackdown 3 will represent a time in the future from the perspective of the first game continuing fighting against the basic opponents which are criminals, zombies and terrorists. The timeline in the game will be alternate from what is represented in the second part of the sequel.

The gameplay

The group of developers tried to present something different comparing with the sandbox gameplay. The team held various experiments to accomplish the items in the game and the provided awards. According to Jones, the author of Crackdown, the concept in the game is rather simple, that is rewarding someone just because they are having fun. It is the central idea of the game. Each player will play from the third person camera. During the game players can choose any character from the Agency soldiers as to defend the city from the enemies. They can make use of a huge number of different vehicles and powerful weapons. Players are able to select various races for their characters and also gives the possibility of changing the color of the costume of warriors. The players can utilize the firearms to open fire on enemies or they can explode everything around with the special weapons. Another ability of the agents is the melee combat. The soldiers are humans but they are given special abilities and skills and they are the following:

  • Strength - it gives the ability of attacking and hitting the opponents and lifting power.
  • Agility - this is the ability of leaping and adding speed while moving.
  • Driving – the ability to make use of the vehicles.
  • Explosives - the characters can utilize various rockets and grenades.
  • Firearms – the players will gain the shooting skill.

All the abilities offered can be upgraded over time as the player gather special items and eliminating the opponents. Each skill will give new opportunities for their players as to have new weapons or vehicles and enhancing the strength of the hero. So the new abilities depend on the characters’ skills. The special armor the soldiers wear, protect them from the attacks and explosions and over the time it can be renewed with new abilities becoming thicker. Besides protecting the character, it has the skill of pound ability that is it can make strong shockwaves. The other skill is the possibility of flying with the help of new armors. To add points and earn rewards the players play different mini games that can be races or street stunts. Crackdown is also a multiplayer game and the is now difference for the single player mode and the former. They have the same gameplay. From the beginning the game offered only the possibility of two and then four players, but Crackdown 3 will give the chance of playing with eight players. It will also expand various modes like rocket tag or vehicle tag.


Crackdown was greatly inspired by comic books that is why it has well expressed black outline, colorful graphics and powerful visuals. The use of wide draw distances makes Crackdown especially different from other open world games that constantly continues to improve the techniques and the system in general. The game has highly advanced crowd system so the non-controlled characters are present in the game but they do not influence the play. The developers pay great attention to the music in the game. To give the game dark and mysterious vibes the team chooses different soundtracks from various sources.


The developers of Crackdown series that still work on the gameplay state that though the third sequel is not separated from the previous ones and the story continues in the future with the alternate timeline the game will be called Crackdown instead of Crackdown 3. The basic focus of the game is centered on the real time destruction as the technology now will provide several times more strength with the help of Microsoft cloud. However, this advantage will be available only for the multiplayer modes not taking into consideration the number of the players, on the contrary the campaign mode will be limited.