Beyond Good and Evil

This game was created still in 2003, though at that moment it did not have the popularity it has today. Several years later the game was re-mastered and in 2011 when it was published it had great success. Being a part of a trilogy a second part is announced to be released in 2017.

Beyond Good and Evil

The Main Idea

The goal of the game is offer a player a unique story a deep meaning. It shows the adventures of young reporter Jade. She is rather investigative and a good martial artist who collects evidence against a planet-wide alien conspiracy. While controlling the main character the player solves puzzles, fights the opponents and takes pictures as evidence. In spite of the basic storyline the players have a lot of freedom during the game. The new animation of the game, the graphics and new elements that complete the whole setting made it interesting for the audience.


So the player plays Jade’s role which can run, jump climb the stairs in order to find the truth. She has a special weapon, discs which she can throw from a long distance and the most important tool for her is her camera. This camera is not only for collecting the evidence but also it helps to complete tasks and missions and to take the photos of surroundings to get more information of the place. Besides the main mission jade also has to solve puzzles and play some mini games to move on and get more points. The character’s health is of great importance and it is represented by hearts. When he player runs out of the hearts the game should be started again from the last checkpoint. When she gets the hits from the opponents her hearts decrease and the player can help her recover by giving her food offered in the game. Besides Jade there are also characters which help her during the game. The player can give commands so that they attack the enemy helping Jade to punch them. The main hero can give her tools to these characters if needed. Jade uses a hovercraft to travel the world and this tool can be updated and become a spaceship. The pearls Jade should gather during the game are used to make the hovercraft better. And it is spoiled the player can repair it.

Beyond Good and Evil

The Characters and the Setting

The game takes place in another planet in the very future. The city has architecture similar to the European one however the world itself has developed into a new fantasy. The new equipments numerous interesting animals make the new elements o the future. Jade belongs to an underground movement which fights against the city powers trying to prove they are connected to criminal group that turns people into slaves. Jade is the main character of the game but she also had a guardian his uncle who always wears a uniform and helps her all the time. Jade has a special artificial intelligence which gives her advice and tools she needs.

The Development

The employees spent several years before the game was released. The main motive for the game was to create a new hero which will have absolute freedom to explore and discover new places and things. Though the first release was not a success and has poor sales the creator risked to develop the game and introduce it later in a totally new techniques. And this time it did great. The purpose to make the players feel like explorers interested the audience. That is why the creators decided to continue the sequel of the game and announced about the release of the second part of the game Beyond Good and Evil 2. At this moment the game is in development.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

The upcoming video game will offer from the first one. This time players will be able to choose the male or female character. The time in this game is long before events in the first part take place. The previous characters will exist but cannot be played. It is not a new story as they are connected somehow. The players continue to overcome missions and due to this they obtain to abilities, skills and new tools. When they will improve their spaceship new members can be added to it and during the game these characters can also be developed. The players can travel to different planets with their own population and continues to complete new missions in new places. Beside the spacecraft improvements the players will get new technologies. There will be a certain narrative that will help the player to make up his mind and correctly choose the new locations. The game will have a single-player version and there will be connection between players around the world. So certain events will have an impact on the players at the same time. Though there are still some unknown aspects of the game, the creators claim that the spirit of the game will remain unchanged. The form varies greatly as they have tried to make it more complex as today’s possibilities of technologies are greater. It will have a huge number of levels and more characters and storylines with the animals. This game will be more available for the larger audience though it will not make the game casual.

Beyond Good and Evil

It was announced the game will be suitable for various platforms. Even the trailers of the game already gain a lot of attention from the audience. The success greatly depends on the new storyline and characters introduced in this game. How much will the players like the new graphics and settings in the game and how the new technologies will affect the development of the game? The spirit of new heroes with a lot more freedom will give the players new emotions and motives to become interested in the game. The creators are sure their efforts of several years will be justified by the release of Beyond Good an Evil 2.