Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. From the beginning of its origin it has never lost its popularity and has always interested public. The creators constantly keep on introducing new interpretations of the character and every time it is a great success. The character of batman differs from other heroes as it has now super powers and he only relies on his own abilities and intellect and of course on his friends. He is sometimes called Dark Knight because of his appearance and personality. Because of its popularity it continues to appear on different animated movies, cartoons, toys and video games.



Interesting enough the creator of the character had several inspirations while drawing the appearance of the hero, like Zorro and Sherlock. He gave Batman a mask and firstly made his costume red and black but later as it seemed too bright he changed the color red into dark grey and gave him a hood with wings like bat. All they wanted was to make the new superhero look differently from the others but be as beloved and popular as others. The black color and the mask that made him look more like a bat gave a mysterious impression. He needed the mask and gloves and the costume to hide his identity to fight against the criminals the way the law did not let him do.

The main idea

Before becoming a hero he was just a rich boy and the inheritor of a large corporation. When he was young he saw the murder of his parents. Afterward he decided to face the criminals himself. His efforts to make the world a better place took most of his time so he devoted his life to the fight for justice. He had no super powers so he trained himself a lot both physically and mentally to become stronger and smarter. He could only make use of his genius and detective skills to catch the criminals as he took an oath to fight till the end for the justice. Due to his intelligence, martial art abilities and strong will he is able to face them and win. He will become the fear of the villains and the worst nightmare. Batman proved to be one of the darkest but at the same time strongest and the fairest superheroes.

The character

The main background Batman’s story is based on is the cruel fact that he has a terrible trauma because he witnessed how his parents were killed. For a child this kind of trauma is something that cannot be easily healed. However Bruce has a strong will to study hard to become a scientist and physically prepared. At first his character meets some criticism as he tends to violence and torture. His aim was to put terror in the criminals’ hearts. But the creators later on changed his personality somehow so that now he never allows himself to kill someone in contrast with the previous one who would kill if that was necessary.


The absence of superpowers never made him weaker, vice verse he is considered as one of the brilliant minds in the world. His detective skills and the proficiency to solve the crime problems always surprise others. He practiced a great number of martial arts and that makes him the best fighter. This gives him a great courage and frightens the opponents. Batman is a dangerous man who can fight against a group all alone so it is good that he is a superhero. He is always able to control his mind even being under pain. He is flexible and can easily disappear and appear quickly in places where it seems impossible to do so.


Video games

Batman video games have been released since 1986 and always were rather successful. One of the very first batman games is the action-adventure video game wiyh the same title. It had a sequal years later due to its populairy. The main goal is to save one of his friens Robin. In order to do that the players must collect certain items, the essential parts of the hovercraft. Batman is in aimaginative planet ina 3D universe. The game allows players to continue the game from the middle point instead of starting it over again in case when all his lives are over. In one of the Batman's games released by Gamecube His character is based on the book generally. Most of the games are action games where Batman fights against criminals and enemies. In this game as he cannnot kill he must handcuff them while there are knocked out. In each level the player should have exact objectives to complete it and progress over time while the opponents try to stop him. The games has the opportunity to save teh last game in case te plaeyer losts. The game has certain storyline that is his friend is kidnapped and Batman should save him winning all the opponents on his way. In the end he fights the villain who wants to take over the world. Nintendo Dc version of the game has some differences. The players can play several minigames to unlock new characters and control them. The suits can be changed but if they do players cannot come back to the previous one. The character is able to do different moves and jumps and has various tools. One of the recent Batman games is Telltales series which is based more on free choices of the player. While controlling the main character the players can choose where and when to use Batman or Bruce. The audience can take part in making decisions and influence the game. Mobile games are released which have less opportunities like the player can only play as Batman intead of controlling different characters with various abilites and it is more like a straightforward platformer with a single player only.

Batman is a favourite hero despite its dark colors and stories. Its popularity is great all over the world and the success of any interpretation with the hero is guaranted.