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About Strategy Games

Strategy games represent a unique opportunity for the development of your intellectual thinking. As you know, in the war, in general in life without a strategy, nowhere to go, and having an excellent plan for victory, you guarantee yourself supremacy over your enemy. Thanks to the strategy games posted on our website, you can completely improve your skills or master the strategy genre in a new way. The world of computer games is extremely diverse and rich. However, the most ambitious, no doubt, are strategy games. They favorably differ from all the others in that they do not require a frantic number of clicks, imply a calm and thoughtful gameplay. strategy games are real art, which can be transferred to a flash, practically without sacrificing the possibilities and uniqueness of the plot. The convenience of such a transformation is simply invaluable. After all, not every computer will allow you to enjoy in full measure a new, high-quality game. At this moment we come to the rescue: using a special approach, you can enjoy your favorite game at any time, and where you want. At the same time, the presented assortment does not leave even the possibility to wish for something better.

strategy games

Online strategy games include a fairly wide range of variations, these can be military games, battles against zombies, tactical games, castle defense, etc. Also, many strategic games include the RPG genre. This means that during the game you earn certain resources with which you need to develop your buildings and army, update and improve armament and protection, increase the speed of building, construct new buildings, etc. If you are a born military leader, please: send troops into the battle, developing your own victorious tactics. For fans of business we also always have something to offer. In strategy games, children are given the opportunity to create their own empire and conquer new territories. You can find a game in which you need to lead your own civilization from the depths of the centuries to the heights of modern development. In another game, you can become the ruler of a modern state, whose goal is to capture a whole continent. You have a unique opportunity to take part in the battles of the ancient Romans; Or feel in the role of a brave knight, skillfully reflecting attacks on his own castle. But all this, as they say, only the top of the iceberg. In addition, we present numerous simulations of amusement parks, hotels or famous resorts. If you are indifferent to wars, then pay attention to economic strategy games. There is no need to seize territory and fight with the opponent's army. You must earn money by extracting resources or growing vegetables, fruits, corn. Here the most important thing is to profitably sell the fruits of your labor in order to be able to feed your employees and continue the successful operation of your farm. But the army you can also need because you need to somehow protect your farm from ill-wishers!

Most famous strategy games

Let's talk a little about the most famous online strategy games, to make it obvious with what a great genre you have to deal with.


This game was made by the Germans, and so in what, these guys know the help of strategies. The game is tight, so be careful with it. In the world of Travian, it's very easy to hang. Previously, it was hardcore, now many functions are simplified, which made it attractive to ordinary users. There are three races to choose from Gauls, Romans, and Germans. Each race has its own peculiarity. Of all the games in my TOP, the best free strategies Travian is perhaps the most time consuming, as there are a lot of players here who want to profit from your village. This makes it necessary to go into the game every day several times to check whether the attack is preparing for you, otherwise, the defeat will not be avoided. The game is interested in the flexibility of its capabilities. You can attack other players or, on the contrary, help them, as well as Rob, join military and political alliances, impose defeated players on the tribute, conduct diplomatic negotiations and so on.

Forge of Empires

The name of the game is translated as "Forge of Empires", which speaks for itself to build, protect, develop and expand your empire this is what you will have to do in the game. Forge of Empires is a lot of unique strategies. Its feature is that, while remaining browser-based, it tried to distance itself as much as possible from the primitivism inherent in browser strategies. Of course, this is not a client level, but the impressions obtained from the process are quite comparable. After all, you can do everything, even observe the behavior of units during the battle.

Anno Online

An excellent representative of browser-based economic strategies. Elements of strategy in the game are farming and settlement. But you will not see armies and dozens of cannon balls because there are no battles in this game. Yes, there is no military component in the game, but you can overthrow the enemies by economic methods, seizing markets, building new colonies and spreading commercial expansion. In short, everything else that the genre of economic building games can boast is very developed here. First, you will need to build and build a huge city on the island and develop it until you can build a decent fleet. Then you begin to expand to other islands. The game attracts with its graphics and simply huge opportunities for building and upgrading buildings, as well as resource extraction and economic development of the city.

Swords and Magic: Heroes online

The idea of transferring the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic to online, a long time ago. To play not against the computer, but against live players from all over the world there was a blue mech of fans of this series of games. So the release of the game "Sword and Magic: Heroes online" was quite expected. Economies and development of castles, you will do little. But you have plenty to wander around the world, performing quests, perfecting the hero, searching for artifacts and mowing out of the monsters of monsters. The main tendency is also emphasized by the plump story company it turned out to be intriguing and very long. we can list also many of them but they are so much, so find your favorite, and start play, good luck.