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About SpongeBob

Spongebob Squarepants is a worldwide popular animation originated in America developed for Nickelodeon. This is a fabulous story about entertaining adventures of lovable hero Sponebob and his funny friends. Each of the series can be considered as a separate story that tells about an even taking place in underwater world which is called Bikini Bottom. The characters are so unusual and at the same time very typical for the marine life. All of them are ridiculously catching and nice. Spongebob gained popularity right away. It was first released in 1999, though idea of such hero was originated long before its creation. At that time, it was planned to give him another name. However, now we have what we have. All favorite Spongebob always ready to amuse people. The development of the animation continues even today and in 2018 creators decided to publish already twelfth season of the cartoon. That is great news for the fans. They will enjoy the movie and will not be apart from the most positive and energetic character ever. The popularity of Spongebob enhanced over the time and it received numerous awards and rewards and of course praise from the critics. It still proceeds topping charts and being at the center of attention.


Main Characters

To start with we should speak about the principle hero of the story that is Spongebob. In fact, he is just a sponge but not an ordinary one. Though he is supposed to be a marine creature, his look is more of an everyday sponge used at home. But it never made his fans think like that. His personality is so lively and energetic that he is appealing to everyone from the first sight. He lives in a pineapple and has a snail pet that sounds like a cat. Spongebob is always so optimistic about everything, he rarely gets angry or feel sad and even if he does it last not long. He always makes others laugh, even his appearance is already the most comical one. Every situation where he participates is funny and absurd at the same time.

He has many friends though his best friend is Patrick. It is a starfish with an unusual design. Patrick is rather fat with colorful pants and lacks mental abilities, though he considers himself very clever one. He lives under a stone the way starfishes are supposed to be in the water. Spongebob and Patrick are very close and do everything together. Just imagine two crazy friends at the same place.

Spongebob works as a fry cook and he likes this position very much. No one can defeat him in the kitchen, though the only person who dislikes him takes advantage of every situation to take his place. It is Squidward. A character that is always is made fun of though he hates jokes and all the funny things. All he loves is peace, silence and his favorite instrument. Definitely Spongebob is too noisy for him and unfortunately they are neighbors and live next door.

One of the major characters is Mr. Krabs that runs a business and has a bar where Spongebob works. He is obsessed with money and he is ready for everything just for a dollar. He has a crazy rival that owns another bar and usually tries surpass his opponent with dirty methods. It is a little Plankton who hates everyone and always complains about others. Their never-ending rivalry causes many troubles for the inhabitants.


Mrs. Puff owns a boating school that is like driving. Spongebob constantly tempts to finish a course and get a certificate but he continues failing, but never gives up. Everyone drives a boat and he always walks everywhere.


Sandy is also a close friend to the hero though she is not local. She is a squirrel who lives in a special glass made home with air in it. When she is out she wears a special costume as she cannot breathe under water. Sandy is crazier than her friends and she always finds something to have fun with.



The animation differs with its unique style and extraordinary design. The actions take place under water and creators tried to make everything corresponding to marine life. Like inhabitants live in boat like places and they are creatures often occurring in the ocean. In fact, the city Spongebob lives is said to be a real existing location in the Pacific Ocean. However, the city has roads and even cloud like elements in the air. Creatures wear funny clothes and walk like people. Besides their houses there are two restaurants, a boating school and ridiculously made beach where different fishes go to swim and sunbathe. All the details in the setting are thoroughly thought. Creators tried to make it realistic and funny. Though great part of events takes place in pineapple or in the restaurant.

Video games

Spongebob games are rather popular as they are inspired by the original animation. Different companies produce numerous games based on the main storyline and they continue to release new ones for various platforms. They include different types of and categories of games. Each game have various levels and tasks to complete and character list enhances all the time, though mainly players take role of Spongeboob as a principle hero. The common concept for such games is that he should perform given missions and gain points to win the game. Generally, the setting does not change from game to game, though there can be different approaches and style depending on the sort of the game. Accordingly, characters’ abilities and skills vary greatly as they should protect something or search for certain elements or maybe attack the opponent. Among the first released games are Legend of the lost spatula and Battle for bikini bottom. Nickelodeon permanently develops more and more new games. Numerous Spongebob video games are very similar with the movies’ stories or their sequels with the same title. All of them has him as leading character and performer of the action. Games are a lot of fun for various ages.