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Spider-Man, real name Peter Parker is a fictional character, a superhero from comic book Marvel Comics, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Since his first appearance on the pages of the comic book Amazing Fantasy No. 15, he has become one of the most popular superheroes. Lee and Ditko conceived the character as teenager-orphan, educated by his uncle, and aunt, combining the life of an ordinary student and a fighter against crime. The Spider-Man received a superpower, increased agility, "spider's flair", as well as the ability to keep on steep surfaces and release the web from his hands using the device of his own invention. Marvel released a number of comic book series about Spider-Man, the very first of which was The Amazing Spider-Man, the latest release of which was released in December 2012. In its place came the comic series The Superior Spider-Man.

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According to the original version, Peter Parker was presented as a teenager-orphan devoted to science who lives with his uncles and aunts in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. Peter - an excellent student, because of what he is subjected to the ridicule of peers. In the release of Amazing Fantasy No. 15 during a scientific exhibition, a radioactive spider accidentally bites him. Due to this, he receives spider's Super abilities, such as super strength, the ability to move around walls and phenomenal jumping. Using his scientific knowledge, Peter designed a device that attaches to his wrists and allows him to "shoot" with the web. Peter takes the Nickname Spider-Man, puts on a suit and hides his real face from everyone. As a Spider-Man, he becomes a famous TV star. Once in the studio, he misses a chance to stop the thief, who, hiding from the policeman, ran past. Then Peter decided that it was "the police's concern, not the stars." A few weeks later, his uncle Ben was robbed and killed, and the enraged Spider-Man goes in search of the murderer, who turns out to be the same thief he refused to stop. Realizing that "great power entails great responsibility," Spider-Man decides to personally begin to fight crime. After the death of his uncle. To feed himself and his Aunt May, he begins to make money, for which he is subjected to all kinds of attacks from classmates. Peter gets a job as a photographer for Daily Bugle newspaper and sells pictures to the editor-in-chief John Jameson, who constantly blackens Spider-Man on the pages of the publication. Soon Parker understands that combining personal life and war with a crime is very difficult, and even tries to break the hero's career. After high school, Peter enters the State University (fictional educational building), where he meets Harry Osborne - his roommate, who later became his best friend. There he meets Gwen Stacy, who becomes his girlfriend. While studying at university, Aunt May introduces him to Mary Jane Watson. When Peter tries to help Harry in his drug problems, he discovered that Harry's father, Norman, is a villain Green Goblin. Upon learning about this, Peter even made an attempt to leave the superhero costume for a while. During the battle of Spider-Man with Dr. Octopus, the detective George Stacy, Gwen's father, accidentally dies. In the course of his adventures, Spidey met a lot of friends and acquaintances in the community of superheroes, who often came to his aid in situations with which he could not cope alone. In "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" in The Amazing Spider-Man # 121-122, Spider-Man accidentally kills Gwen Stacy, trying to save her after the Green Goblin dropped it from the Brooklyn Bridge, which can be understood from the image, or From the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man too late to catch Gwen with the web and, raising her, realizes that she is dead. In issue No. 121, it is assumed that Gwen died because of a sudden cardiac arrest at high speed during the fall. Peter blamed himself for Gwen's death and in the next edition came into conflict with the Green Goblin, who accidentally killed himself. Having dealt with the mental wound, Peter eventually begins to show feelings for Mary Jane Watson, who became to him more than a friend. Peter graduated from college at number 185; In No. 194 (July 1979) he meets the flirtatious Felicia Hardy, known as Black Cat, and in No. 196 (September 1979) he meets a shy girl, Debray Whitman. Parker makes an offer to Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man №290 (July 1987), and through two numbers she agrees. Details of the wedding are described in the plot of Wedding in the annual Amazing Spider-Man Annual № 21 (1987). In the special editions published in 2004-2005, he develops additional spider abilities, including the physiological ability to shoot cobwebs without special devices, toxic stings that are pulled out of the forearms, improved night vision, strength and agility level. The Spider-Man becomes a member of the New Avengers team and, as the Civil War plot progresses, reveals Peter Parker's identity to the world, increasing his already numerous problems. In the One More Day story, Parker enters into an agreement with Mephisto demon. In exchange for restoring the status quo of his personality and the resurrection of Aunt May, all the memories of the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane are erased. This causes changes in the time flow, such as the resurrection of Harry Osborn and the return of Spider to mechanical devices for releasing cobwebs. In The Amazing Spider-Man No. 647 (December 2010), Peter begins to meet with Police Officer Carly Cooper, and from the next release becomes one of the scientists at the Horizon Labs research laboratory, which gives him the opportunity to create new, improved suits for himself. After the death of Johnny Storm, Spider-Man, according to the last will of the deceased, took his place in the Fantastic Four, which changed its name to the Future Foundation. In the plot of Dying Wish, the dying Dr. Octopus succeeds in exchanging with Peter Parker's bodies. As a result, Peter Parker dies in the body of Doctor Octopus, and the Octopus, having survived all the memories of Peter, becomes a new Spider-Man. He creates for himself a new perfected costume and gives himself a name - Superior Spider-Man.


Due to the fact that comics about Spider-Man within the Marvel universe are sold quite successfully, the publishers decided to introduce several parallel series, which partially change the habitual nature of the character and the surrounding situation within the so-called Multiverse Marvel - a set of parallel alternative worlds In one physical space, but separated by an interdimensional barrier. Examples of such alternative versions are the Ultimate Spider-Man series, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man: Reign. In addition to the versions of classic comic books, Spider-Man appeared as a Spider-Man manga: The Manga manga by Japanese artist Ryoichi Ikegami.


Comics about Spider-Man were adapted for cinema, television, animation, they were reprinted in the form of graphic novels, novels, books for children, and the character appeared in dozens of different formats, starting with children's coloring books and ending with collectible cards. there are appeared in dozens of Spider-Man games, the first of which was released in 1978 and was developed for 8-bit home computers. Subsequently, he appeared as the main or secondary character in computer and video games on more than 15 platforms. In addition to video games, dozens of series of figures, toys, memorabilia, and collectibles with the image of Spider-Man were produced. Sam Raimi became the director of the trilogy of feature films, where the role of Spider-Man was performed by Tobey Maguire. The first film, "Spider-Man", was released on May 3, 2002, the first sequel, "Spider-Man 2", on June 30, 2004, and the release of the final part of the trilogy, "Spider-man 3: Enemy in Reflection", was held May 4, 2007. The sequel was originally scheduled for 2011, but later Sony abandoned this idea, and it was decided to "restart" the franchise, replacing the director and actors. The film "The New Spider-Man" (in the original - "Amazing Spider-Man"), which premiered on July 3, 2012, gave rise to a new trilogy of films. The film was directed by Mark Webb, and the main role of Peter Parker was performed by Andrew Garfield. And in 2014 April 17 Realised the second part Amazing Spider-Man 2: High Voltage.Already in 2017, Marvel restarted the film once again calling him Spider-Man: Homecoming, Director of the film is John Watts, the main role of Spidey plays Tom Holland. And there is already a story with the Avengers and Tony Stark.


Now about this most popular modern hero is not only telling legends but is developed many Spider-Man games - special for you! In this tag, you'll be an assistant to your favorite superhero.Each Spider-Man game is able to teach you how to properly search for criminals, set traps out of cobwebs for villains, and never be noticed and hide your face.In Spider-Man games, you have to fight against criminals, to guide the target fire with cobwebs and save the planet from villains. Help him become famous and defeat the most dangerous enemies! Besides criminals In Spider-Man games, you can simply fly on cobweb in the city, travel on rooftops and perform various acrobatic stunts.Kids adore versatile constructor game, so they can enjoy LEGO Spider-Man games, construct many episodes and situations with legos.In Racing Spider-Man games, the player needs to go through a given route, where strong enemies and dangerous traps meet. Move quickly and deftly to dodge strikes and reach the finish line in time. Kids can participate in races with motorcycle or cars. The diverse models of this transport will make entertainment exciting. In the game, they can improve their agility and patience.Almost every child now has a mobile phone, and in Spider-Man games, for mobile platforms (Android, IOS, etc.) kids will be able to find exciting assignments for every taste. If the child is bored in a long queue or traveling by car, you can offer him entertaining competitions and fights in fighting Spider-Man man games. For girls, an exciting game has been created, in which it is necessary to dress the hero in a new suit. They need to come up with a comfortable and stylish outfit for Piter Parker, so the press was delighted, and the guy was not bothered by accessories. They can do this in dress-up Spider-Man games.Also, Spider-Man games will take you to the wonderful world of brave mutants, dizzying intrigues. Choose your favorite category of games, become a real protector of your city, and conquer the heart of beautiful Mary Jane!