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Naruto creation history

Naruto can be called one of the largest works of Masashi Kishimoto, he is also his first work, truly deserving worldwide recognition. Already in 1995, he received the Hop Step Award - a prize from the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, designed primarily for young authors, but during the following years, most of the ideas began to be rejected by the editorial board of the same magazine. So could not continue, Masashi decided to switch to something else, they chose the theme of drawing his favorite food and his secrets - ramen. Surprisingly, the very first version of the manga we see today was entirely dedicated to noodles (yes yes, noodles, its look like fun but it's true) and its secret noodle ingredients, but immediately after some edits, it was turned into Naruto, so popular today. This was told by Kishimoto himself. exactly under this title the first, you can even say a separate, part of the manga was published in the magazine, the name of which is Akamaru Jump. If my memory does not fail me, it was done back in 1997, in August. According to the story of his very first work, thanks to the nine best friends, the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon was successfully defeated, and the only survivor, looks after his son - his name is Naruto Uzumaki, the entire subsequent history of the manga is exclusively devoted to him.

Naruto Games

World of Naruto

The action of the entire anime series "Naruto" occurs in a fictional world. Small in size states. In it act and develop as independent units, managed by feudal lords-daimyo. States have at their disposal hidden villages, ninja settlements, led by an independent ruler Kage. Ninjas are used as a military force, and also participate in the economic life of the state, carrying out paid missions. The level of technology evolution in the world of Naruto is very contradictory: on the one hand, there are modern surveillance cameras and transmitters at the disposal of the heroes, on the other hand, in their world there are no firearms and fighting vehicles. In the absence of military achievements, the personages rely on shuriken, kunai, swords and their own special abilities, which include using the chakra magical energy, equivalent Qi energy, and gestures for its control seals. The use of the chakra follows the strict rules that Kishimoto (the author) introduced in order to be able to easily explain the turns of the plot. The leading hero of the game and anime series, a teenager Uzumaki Naruto, is the bearer of a nine-tail fox demon sealed in his body. 12 years before the events in the manga, the demon-fox attacked the Hidden Leaf Village, the native Naruto's village. For the sake of the rescue of Konoha, the 4th Hokage, the head of the village sacrificed his life to seal the spirit of the beast inside his newborn son Naruto. The Hokage wanted people to regard Naruto as a hero. Since from now, he held back the power of the nine-tailed fox, but the village's population took Naruto as a demon in the flesh and hated him. Since it was forbidden to mention Fox's attack, Naruto learned of his unusualness only suddenly, years later.

The main characters are Naruto Uzumaki himself, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha with their teachers Kakashi Hatake and Iruka Umino. Manga is divided into two parts. At the beginning of the first part, Naruto with great difficulty completes his studies and receives the title of genin a beginner ninja. He and two of his classmates, Sasuke and Sakura, build the team under the guidance of the experienced Kakashi Sensei. As the plot develops, Naruto finds new friends among the villagers and seizes new abilities, considering them necessary in order to achieve his dream in the future to become Hokage. Soon Konoha is attacked: a runaway ninja and wanted criminal Orochimaru, along with his accomplices, attacks the village, killing his head the Third Hokage. Being able to change bodies with other people, Orochimaru wants to get the body of Sasuke, considering his hereditary abilities suitable for himself, since Sasuke is the representative of the Uchiha clan, the most gifted among the ninjas. Sasuke voluntarily goes to Orochimaru, believing that he will give him the opportunity to become stronger and take revenge on his elder brother Hitachi. Before the start of the manga events, Hitachi destroyed the entire Uchiha clan except for Sasuke, for which revenge turned into the meaning of life. Naruto, wanting to return the departed Sasuke, leaves Konoha and devotes himself to training. He deals with the legendary ninja Jiraiya, a former companion of Orochimaru, to prepare for the next meeting and a possible battle with Sasuke.

The second part of the manga, starting with volume 28, describes events that occurred two and a half years after the first. The main character Naruto is 16 years old. After training with Jiraiya, Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village and reunites with grown-up friends. Team number 7, previously consisted of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura is being re-formed. Now it is called "Team Kakashi", and the place of Sasuke is occupied by another young ninja Sai. The leading role of the opponents of Naruto and his friends is taken by the Akatsuki organization, whose members seek to capture all the tailed demons, including the nine-tailed, trapped inside Naruto. In the meantime, Sasuke Uchiha, considering further training from Orochimaru senseless, betrays him and kills him. Having found his elder brother to avenge the destruction of the clan, he enters into battle with him, during which Hitachi suddenly falls dead. After that, the leader of Akatsuki, Toby, tells Sasuke the truth about the fact that the murder of the clan was entrusted to Hitachi directly by the leadership from Village of the Hidden Leaf. Frustrated by this discovery, Sasuke joins the Akatsuki to destroy Konoha. Meanwhile, on the orders of Toby, Akatsuki members attack the village of Hidden Leaf. At the cost of great efforts, the inhabitants of Konoha manage to repulse the attack, but the village itself is almost completely destroyed. On the advice of Kage, the leaders of the largest ninja villages Toby claims that he collects tailed demons to recreate the ten-tailed Biju and create a powerful illusion that can control humanity. When the leaders of other villages refuse to help Toby, he announces the start of the 4th World War Ninja. In response, the five largest countries form an alliance, led by Raikage, and a united Shinobi army, whose commander-in-chief is Kaadzakage Gaara. Battles begin between the parties: on the side of the Akatsuki there are numerous clans of Zetzu and the dead ninja called by Kabuto Yakushi and on the side of the alliance the Shinobi of the five countries.

Naruto games

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, comic books and manga and most naruto, if you are attracted by dexterous ninjas, martial arts, and the Samurai Code, then you will certainly appreciate Naruto games. Despite the fact that more than ten years have passed since the first show, the interest in the hero does not fade. He constantly occupies one of the first places among the best anime characters. Plunging into the world of Naruto, you get a unique opportunity to pass all the trials together with this fearless warrior. Naruto games will help you understand the ancient history of Medieval feudal Japan. Naruto games are based on the same-named popular Japanese comics and animated series

Video Games

Video games on the series "Naruto" were released for various consoles from manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Most of the games were released only in Japan and represent the fighting game in which a player, controlling one of the characters in the series, must defeat another character controlled by a computer or a second player, depending on the game mode. Special techniques for each hero, based on the techniques that he uses in anime and manga. The very first game of the Naruto series was Naruto: Konoha Ninpouchou, released on March 27, 2003, for the WonderSwan Color console. The first games released outside of Japan are Naruto series: Gekitou Ninja Taisen and Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu, also known as Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Naruto: Ninja Council. The first game based on "Naruto", created not in Japan, was Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for the Xbox 360 platform, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on October 30, 2007. There is a sequel to it - Naruto: The Broken Bond.

Online and flash games

Kids can spend their free time Dressing up your favorite Naruto hero and pick up new accessories for him. Kids need to take into account all the characteristics of clothing and pick up a convenient copy. Try to give the costume a neutral color, which will not attract much attention. An important component of the character is the shoes and in the Dress Up Naruto games they should pick up this part of the wardrobe incredibly carefully. Shoes should be practical, comfortable and in size.Online Fighting Naruto games offer the boys unique competitions with bold and strong characters. Choose a character and go to the arena, the enemy is already waiting for the start. Choose a weapon and try to win, with each victory the character will receive points. Over time, they can be changed to improve for their heroic ninja. Entertainment requires dexterous movements and quick reaction of the player. Keep track of all the parameters of your fighter so that he does not get into the hospital. Rivals use standard punches and are easy to predict. Try to remember the basic combinations and blocks, so you can win without a doubt.

There is also quest naruto games where you have to answer questions about Naruto and his world. For this just look at the Naruto's anime series or read the short story above.Drawing Naruto games likes kids of different ages because small players can paint the main characters and improve their imagination, and also drawing and painting skills.with the puzzle, Naruto games develop Attentiveness and memory by collecting puzzles with parents.The character is waiting for clear instructions and in the strategy Naruto games, boys can develop a combat plan. Pick up experienced warriors and send them to foreign territories to capture enemy castles. Develop and expand your dynasty in order to win recognition throughout the world. It is important to place the fence skillfully so that the rivals do not have a chance to win. Offer friends help with the destruction of enemies. You can play Naruto games together - it's enough just to launch a multi-user interface and choose a worthy opponent.

Collectible card game

also, There is a collectible card game called Naruto Collectible Card Game. Bandai has been releasing it in Japan since February 2003, as of September 2009, 17 sets have been released, the last one released in 2006. In America, the game is released from April 2006, and in August 2009 there were 13 sets. Each of them contains 4 pre-formed decks of 50 cards each. Additional cards are delivered in the form of randomly selected sets of 10 cards. In the game, two players take part, laying out cards on the playing field. To count the sequence of moves used a special chip, and as an element of chance - a coin (Ninja Blade Coin), which is thrown to make decisions. To win, the player needs to get 10 "battle awards" during the game or to force the opponent to deplete his deck.