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The concept

Matching 3 games introduces a genre of games that is similar with puzzle games. Players connects lines in a way that they vanish from the field based on the matching criteria. The basic rule of all match 3 games is that items should be connected according to certain principles. The connected items should be identical and usually should include leastwise three such like objects, though sometimes the number differs from two to four or five. So players are given a chaos where they should identify similar patterns and match them. The origin of match 3 games dates back to 1980s, when first such games were released, for instance Tetris and Chain shot. Though games became more famous and widespread in beginning of 21st century with some development and since then stayed one of the most lovable games all over the world. In spite of such a simple principle on the base of match 3 games they include a huge number of varieties and distinctive elements. They vary in gameplay, style and design. Some of them consist of endless levels and others have limited number of worlds. Players deal with various obstacles while playing match 3 games that include time limitation, target shooting and concentration of hand-eye cooperative working.

The origin

Matching 3 games starting from tetris have developed greatly since their first appearance on public. Originally creators did not pay attention to time restriction or limited number of moves. Gradually developers started to add new objectives and entertaining elements on the games design. Today various types of matching 3 games continuously are being released, though gradual changes are not occurring so intensively as they were previously. To please player games are usually similar with them and at the same time innovative to called unique in the market.

Common features

Match 3 games are usually described as optimistic and colorful fiction as they do not require any background information or special strategical approach as many massively video games. However, there are certain techniques used in the games that connect various types. One of the them is special restriction as to time or moves. Many games have endless time so players have nowhere to hurry so they can think carefully and plan their actions. However, in many cases players are limited in time so they should manage to complete the level before time runs out or of it is an arcade game than try to set high score and beat their record. So their success greatly depends on the quick response. In case when they are limited in moves, players should consider each of them before taking as when they are out of steps and the task is not done they fail. Within each level the restriction increases and it is becoming more complicated.

The ultimate goal

To score high points and set new records, to complete all levels with maximum three stars and so on. Generally, all match 3 games require to gain u huge number of points and numerous rewards, whether they play an arcade game with limitless levels or an ordinary game with definite numbers. Players are given new items as they remove matched ones from the field unless they reach the required points or special items that should be collected. If the cannot manage to free the field and it fulfils with new coming ones or there are not available matches they lose. When they surpass the set score for completing level players are given awards and additional points and their rank on the top charts increases. Usually they can try the same level endlessly until they get the desirable result. Depending on the game chains can be joined in various shapes and sizes: horizontally or vertically. Some of the games offer the player a shooting type where he should match the items himself which is more strategic than the cases where player pick from ready options.


Match 3 games are all based on the same standards in terms of gameplay, though in each game varies greatly because of their appearance. They all have the same simple rule of connecting a certain number of items od diverse kinds and use the same principle. However, most importantly details are distinctive features of each game. Developers pay great attention to visual style of the game and in most cases it is unique depending on the culture of the country it is made. The art work speaks itself. Usually match three games lack characters and there are only on or two to instruct the players. Some developers prefer appealing fans with great variety of heroes that are catching and nicely designed. Most usual settings happening in games is definitely based on something sweet. These can be either candies and dessert or fruits and other types of food. Popular items for match 3 games are precious, bright and shining jewelry. Asian culture prefers cute items so it is usual to find some pretty animal heads or such kind of cute things in their games. In general, the design is greatly influences the success of the game and besides the central concern of graphics creators make unique maps in unusual themes. It may seem weird as they focus on the map design but they consider it a real art and show an amazing approach to each piece of the setting. An essential part of the gameplay is the background music that add extra coloring to the game and mostly developers take an orchestra or an electronic music.

Match 3 games gained a lot of popularity because of their simple and clear style of concepts and gameplay. Even today they are the most flexible and addictive games all over the world. The huge variety of and intensively rising number of the games proves the fact they even being a casual game they do not stop attract attention and acquire new fans day by day. People enjoy them greatly and they are considered favorite pastime.