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General description

Fighting game is a unique genre of video games with its own specific characteristics and various opportunities. Players control a character they choose and fight with various opponents that are directed automatically by the computer or these characters are controlled by other players. Generally, evens take place in a special area that changes as players move from level to another as games consist of numerous rounds. Heroes differ from each other because of their abilities and skills, though players can improve them over the time. Players have various options to pick one of give heroes. They can be trained and learn new moves like blocking and a great variety of techniques of attacking. They can match several hitting moves and create a super combo. Such opportunity widens players’ abilities and gives them more excitement. Fighting game usually are connected with the early beat ‘em up games that have similar concept and gameplay. The origin of early fighting games dates back to 1976 starting with arcade games that engage numerous martial styles. One of the greatly successful video games was Street Fighter that helped the genre become widely popular and rather competitive starting the history of famous fighting games.



Simply to say fighting games include two heroes in struggle though players fight with numerous opponents. Players can be involved in hand to hand battle. Sometimes they have the chance to take a weapon and fight in a distance. So this depends on a game and a certain character. Heroes are shown from side so that players can follow the two fight. Nowadays developers offer different versions to the audience. If compared to other genres like sport or beat ‘um up games that are considered more realistic including various techniques of martial arts.


Opponents meet face to face make a good use of various martial arts techniques and if permitted unique weapons. There exist usually two on-screen characters from a side view. They can go to left or right running or jumping. They can move three or two directions permitting side-stepping. Though they can move freely the area is limited by the gameplay so does their actions. They have an exact number of moves for attack and defense. Players should understand which moves are more effective for the attack and this they learn by training and mistakes. The main way of protecting is blocking that let the players save energy and health. So the moves differ in fighting games as from hitting and punching to throwing various things. Players can make a strategy by guessing the opponents’ plan of usage of various techniques. All these make the complete image of average description of gameplay in fighting games. So predicting the moves is also a kind of creating a plan that is an essential part of each game.



Players use a special variety of attacks which involve secret techniques. They require several buttons beside the ordinary ones used for simple hitting. Players can make use of combos in fighting games that is a mixture of several moves in a complicated way that allows to improve new abilities. In fact, they are not easy ones and need special approach. Players acquire such abilities as they progress in the levels. These combinations are very affective as they surpass any opponent directed automatically. As they are complicated they also include risk and much efforts. Asian developers created such feature s taunting that is done just to make fighting games more enjoyable and humorous. As to the characters they are not immortal. Usually fighting games consist of several levels and battles and players should win as many as possible. The more the number of victories the greater chance to win. They have a special energy bar and every time they are hit it decrease so does the opponent’s health. When it gets the zero point, game is over either for the player or the opponent. That is basically the principle of fighting games. Sometimes these battle have a connected storyline as the player is in a tournament and they are a fixed number of participants to win. Each victory can give an opportunity to unlock a new character.


Selecting a hero is perhaps one of the crucial moments while playing a fighting game. Players can pick one from a big range of offered characters. All of them has different styles and capabilities. So it is up to the player to decide which is more essential power or speed. Which attacks are more effective and interesting for him? They can choose both a man or a women hero. It goes without saying there is no significant difference in feminine or masculine player so no need to stick to stereotypes. Their appearance also plays great role as those who have not played any fighting games and are not familiar with characters’ abilities. There are certain questions to ask yourself before picking one as whether they want more aggressive or defensive hero and which style fits you the best. The success greatly depends on the chosen character.


Attacks and moves

The area the events take place also have great importance in many cases. They can change the gameplay make it harder full of traps or obstacles that require experienced strategy or just be background and never influence the game. Moves include generally four types of techniques that are kick, punch, block and throw. Definitely they vary greatly depending on the game and user. Through the levels their skills improve and are able to make combination by pressing several buttons at the same time. The more powerful the punch the greater the amount of the energy the opponent drops. So planning certain quick moves beforehand always give privilege. Usually fighting games have training period before starting the real battle so that players can understand how to use and what to use. In fighting games one thing that matter is victory and players are allowed to do anything to win. Of course there are certain rules in each game that should be kept, but any dishonest and dirty methods can be used to have a better chance for victory. Play fighting game in multiplayer mode with friends or other players turning the competition into more realistic area.