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The term anime is worldwide known a genre that came from Japan. It is a special class of any kind of animation that always can be described as something extremely colorful with lively and spirited characters and fantastical themes. Generally, anything produced by the country is referred to anime genre and usually it is targeted equally at young generation and adults as well. The same is about anime games as they are usually based on the existing manga or anime. The first ever production goes back to the first decade of twentieth century. However, more widely anime cartoons started to widen all over the world in the second half of the century. They gained huge popularity and this greatly leads to the enlargement of anime games. It attracts more and more audience gradually that involves a great range of ages. The design attracts with its outstanding settings and wonderful graphics so does anime games.

Anime style

This style is a diverse from that involves certain ways and techniques within its production. The typical characteristics of anime games is first of all ideal plot that develops all the time. Secondly, it puts the main focus on imaginative and fantastic graphic art and characterization. The settings are more realistic with perfect storyline and vibrant characters. It provides the audience an opportunity to get engaged in the game and immerse themselves into it without any difficulty. Though anime games are similar due their general look, there can be used various art styles and heroes or other characteristics. This may refer to their look, size and general features. Probably, their unique style makes it so popular and beloved in the world. Anime games takes the players to an absolutely different world full of adventures and new experiences. Anime influenced games have obtained quite high ranks in the most famous lists. They always require extraordinary approach and guarantee a great past time.


So how exactly anime games differ from other types? Mainly several features should be mentioned that make this genre so unique and distinctive from others. Anime games have different art style and ways of animation and even the process is rather diverse. Well mostly, the art styles vary due to numerous developers and creators that utilize their own original ideas while inventing. To claim only one style that dominates in anime games is impossible as all the forms are widely used. However, there are common techniques and features typical for heroes that similar in design. The process includes several essential elements such as plot, similar character deigns and cel production. Technology opportunities make it possible for any kind of idea come true. If back than it was only possible to create characters face to face now developers make aa good use of computers to represent characters from various angles and emphasis camera effects. It involves panning and zooming. This makes characters more attractive and energetic and the audience gets engaged and addicted to them. Sometimes heroes are hand-drawn so that separated them from the reality. They are fictional but at the same time they are so real. The location is also vital element in anime games. They greatly highlight the background that gives a complete feeling the story and characters are shown in three-dimensional views. The heroes are all important and are introduces as starts to impress the users. The main difference in anime games from American ones is probably cinematic effects. As already been mentioned the shooting is realistic including zooming and panning that creates the impression as if it is shot with real camera. All the distance and shooting from angles is seen as a complete dynamic shooting. The voice also crucial in anime games as they give fun impression.


Characters in anime games vary greatly from all other heroes. They are extremely distinctive compared to western cultures. Characters are usually designed by the similar body construction of humans. The height of the heroes also corresponds to the usual size in reality. However, the head of the characters draws more attention because of its appearance and size as if compared to the body it seems bigger. The body design includes super thin and slim proportions. In fact, this is not a fixed rule for anime games though it is widely spread trend among developers. As the head is the most important element its design is on the first place. The eyes of characters are extremely large and hyperbolized as all the emotions can be seen through eyes. Again this is not a law for all anime games and its greatly depends on the original manga it is based on. Visual effects are of great importance in anime games so another feature to mention for character design is their unique hair colored in multiple ways. Their style and even motion are illustrated as an artwork. This usually attracts not only children but also older generation. As they bring positive feelings and emotions. To express the mood there are fixed methods to use. So in general all the details are taken into consideration to make the heroes impressive and magical.

Though still anime games are not completely considered as a separate genre as it is still in process of developing, it is a fact that such games are widely played and preferred all over the world. Gradually more and more often anime games make it to the top in various charts. The genre varies from card games to games like Pokemon origins to Naruto. So anything that simply includes a system based animation. This can a fight against the enemy to decide the winner or just a relax time with cards. Anime games are like dream worlds that help the players their wishes come true. The unique design and impressive settings are addictive for all generations. They are bright, colorful and enjoyable. The style of anime games is so diverse that it makes everyone distinguish it immediately. An uprising genre that conquers the industry due its uniqueness and love.