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Adventure games originated in fact from a certain game released back in 1979 with the title Adventure and after its success it creates a separate genre of its own. They can be described as a type of games that essentially follows a storyline, exploration and a lot of puzzles. In fact, the main idea of adventure games is interpreted as a situation where players take the role of the hero and go after adventures based on the background information trying to discover new details step by step. They are usually single player games as win multiple mode it will be complicated. The game is concentrated on the story itself. The player should uncover the story as it progresses through various levels and at some point it will come to an end. Adventure games contain a lot and they are very challenging so it gives the same impression as a story in a book with only difference that players are the true performer of it. It gives thrilling vibes that something unexpected is going to happen as we never know exactly what to wait for. Anything can change at any time and all the story will turn in a way we cannot even imagine. That is the real pleasure of adventure games. They can include various aspects like mystery or horror, comedy or scientific fiction. So people of all tastes will be satisfied.

The Plot

Storyline is the crucial element in adventure games as the main focus is placed on it. We can say characters are greatly contingent on the story and they do their best to reveal it. Players control the main hero but in fact, they do not know much about him. They gain experience and knowledge as characters progress and discover new things. Usually they do not acquire new abilities or skills and preserve what they already have. Adventure games have unique and lovely stories that attract players with their original design and settings. They can represent a dangerous crime reveling or a comedy with humorous interpretations of impossible and strange moves or thoughts. The story is essential but it goes on closely related to a main character uncovering new facts about him and putting him at the center of attention. Player can become a lawyer to find out the truth behind a crime by questioning people. If it is a comedy player meet various people and have ridiculous conversations with them. By exploring everyone and everything heroes learn new things and solve puzzles given in adventure games.


They are crucial for the development of the story as they are key to unlocking mysteries. Characters solve them to gain some information or find a required object. Puzzles are various according to their form and content as they include ordinary puzzles, searching for necessary objects or opening hidden doors that can transfer players from one area to another where you can explore and try to discover new items or information that will help to reveal the story. Sometimes these puzzles are not connected to the narrative at all and they just give points or certain items. As players overcome such puzzles they receive new instructions to follow or learn how to mix various objects and use them. Solving them creatively the story goes new ways. They check players’ logical skills and abilities help the improve and develop new ones.

Searching new items

Usually in adventure games the objects that should be found are somehow marked so that players could differentiate which one are vital and they should pick them and those which are useless. Players can go back and check the reality. Numerous missions require making use of various objects together. Here they need their imagination and simple logic to complete it. That’s a realistic challenge that makes to remember the old experience that can help to solve the problem. As players are free of time limitation they can consider every detail thoroughly without hurrying.

Exploring the world

Exploration is a vital feature of adventure games that allows to discover the surroundings and the future story. Players are given certain instructions where to go and what to do. Sometimes just help players to go in the direction of hidden thing and hinting if they get closer or the exact location of the item is told to find it easily. They have one full screen mode and only after completing all the missions, players can move to the next level. Players explore people locations anything that could be useful for the character. Examine everything carefully and do not miss anything. Do not make it as a simple ceremony but take a quick examination of the world.

How definitely adventure games vary from role-playing gf games? In fact, they have different concepts as the basic for adventure games is that players do not improve but instead characters have the opportunity to improve the problem solutions in role-paying games heroes improve their skills and capabilities to decide on a problem.


The gameplay in adventure games are original and attractive. Players cannot know how the story will go on so it somehow keeps them in suspense. Gameplays vary greatly from each other and they give numerous challenges to players. They should overcome a lot of obstacles and finish missions to win so it is not going to be easy. Dialog tress are very useful for players as they help them to solve problems easily and give some hints on how to do a certain thing. Players make conversations with characters that are directed automatically as they chose lines and create a talk. Sometimes other heroes can open secrets to them just to help to develop the story. So it is all up to a player how to make use of all the information and data he gets from surroundings and other people. From his decisions depend the future of the story. As they have an aim to achieve exactly one that is accompanied by other requirements such as obtaining points and numerous rewards. Adventure games are fun to play and they enrich players’ knowledge and imagination.