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Zombotron Description

Zombotron 1 in which the player is to land on the planet Zombotron, to perform a number of important missions for ten different levels. Perfect for a browser stick, graphics, sound and music, visual special effects, destructible elements of the environment, elevators and a dynamic action made the game Zombotron 1 a well-deserved hit, and forced to play it again and again (later Anton Karlov continued development and the light saw Zombotron 2 and 3 For each level there are several additional missions, for example, to open all the chests with useful content, to destroy a certain number of opponents with explosions, headshots and such. The player begins his journey only with a pistol in his hand, but soon you can get a shotgun, automatic, grenade launcher and other weapons. Also, ammunition, first-aid kits, and body armor are available for purchase. For the destruction of opponents, the player is given coins, which will be needed for purchases (cartridges are also a frequent drop). Enemies differ in the degree of danger, they can wear helmets, bombs and even shoot a hero.