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Zombie Warrior Man Description

Do you like bloody flash games? Then try this one! Zombie was in captivity in the hospital, where he was subjected to cruel experiments. Doctors hoped to find a way to use his survival genes for medical purposes. However, the walking dead man did not like this, and he decided to flee to freedom. Help him to teach his tormentors a lesson and show them that you should not deal with an angry zombie! This free flash game is a combination of horror and comedy. Walk along the floors of the hospital, saw in half the furniture, doctors and patients, conduct firefights with nurses and police. Use a variety of methods of killing and different types of weapons. Eerie music and a bloody mash, coupled with an amusing cartoon graphics, characteristic characters and funny moments make this game terrific. With each level, it becomes more interesting to play. Harmless patients are replaced by militant and armed people. Spend your forces wisely to kill everyone and escape from a hated hospital. The dead man is controlled by arrows, and to use the weapon, press the space bar. The game will not let you go until the last moment and more than once will make you smile, or even laugh into your voice.