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Zombie Crusade Description

Online game Zombie Crusade tells us about the confrontation of an evil sorcerer who conjured a whole army of zombies and a kingdom that opposes him. You, of course, play from the side of the defense, dispose of all available resources and plan defense from the hordes of the undead. Free zombie game Zombie Crusade will teach you to defend the whole kingdom, cuz your main task is to hire the bravest young men to the service and make them perform truly heroic deeds! Well, is not heroism a defense against the endlessly attacking hordes of magical zombies? But the real hero will be you! A person saving the lives of thousands of people with just one mouse button will have something to be proud of! But, for this, you will have to go through this game from beginning to end, and it will not be so easy! And it would be uninteresting then. Do not allow a catastrophe! At your disposal are the best fighting forces of the kingdom, and at their disposal is your brain, with which you must lead them to victory, and at the same time to salvation from the insatiable wicked sorcerer! Show everything you can! All the huge kingdom, all its inhabitants, and even a pretty young princess all expect only victories from you! Do not fail!