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Yuyu Hakusho Wars Description

In "Anime: Yui Hakusho Wars", you can plunge into the unknown world of the struggle of humanity, beasts, and otherworldly forces. To start this game, you must choose one of two characters: the shadow world of the dead Yusuke or the elderly martial artist Genkai. But there are three more personages that you have to open the game. These are three very impressive heroes: two demons Kurama and Hiei, as well as the eternal rival of Yusuke Kazuma Kuwabara. Each of them, the owner of incredible stamina and strength. You'll have nine levels dotted with a huge amount of enemy. Destroy them and pick up the bonuses that remain after them. Thanks to bonuses, you can use your hero's special skills, or replenish your health level. Have a good game, good luck.