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XSR-2 Flash Description

As sometimes you want to sit down at the computer, turn on the game, press on the gas and rush away, leaving only traces of the wheels on the asphalt. This game is from such! This is racing at frantic speeds! The game starts with choosing a car. The game offers a large selection of racing cars, each of which you want to try out in business. Actually, for this purpose a separate button "Test drive" is made. Choosing a car that is close to you in spirit, you should choose the type of game this is either a race for the championship or a race to knock out, which is much more difficult. because you need to get ahead of at least one member to stay in the race. It is also proposed to choose the class and the number of rivals and the number of circles. The game has 4 types of tracks, which only at first glance can show the same, in fact, everything is not so simple, then the turn suddenly appears from around the corner, then you turn wrong in an inconspicuous fork. The game requires attention, and how otherwise if the countdown has already begun. Then everything depends on you and your abilities! Forward to the victory!