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Xess Description

Xess is a perfect game for especially chess lovers. The gameplay is based on the chess game and basically the moves and rules are similar. The essential goal of the player is to defend the king. They need a thoroughly complete plan as he opponent will attempt to attack and get rid of your king. This will mean you failed the game. So be extremely attentive and do not let the enemy come near to it. You can click to any place on the square to move the items. The game is basically controlled by the help of the mouse. Block all the possible paths to protect the king and remove it when the danger is coming. You gain score while moving so try to make wise ones. In fact, players do not need any knowledge of chess to play the game as all they need is common sense and logic. You can choose from various modes from very simple ones to most intricate games. Train your abilities and have fun playing Xess. Good luck on your important mission.