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Wrath Of Hephaestus Description

In ancient Greece, when there were still angry trolls, there was one industrious hard worker, sent down to earth to teach earthly foremen the blacksmith's trade. The highest Hephaestus was the patron of the blacksmith's art and the embodiment of fire itself, without which it was impossible to heat metal for further forging. One night, a cunning troll made his way to the house, not wanting that people at least learn something or progress, tea then they would stop fearing monsters. The Almighty forgot about his once-existing forces, while he lived among people, but when he had to enter the first battle, how slowly the grace to him began to return. At first, there was endurance, strength and courage were added to it after that dangerous harm at impact was increased, there was a noticeable guard around the body. To support the goblins came the Romans, who wanted to bring the Greeks to their knees, guarded by such a powerful mentor. The enemies came in gold robes and in large numbers, so as not to allow the raging God to light an Olympic flame for each country, but Hephaestus's fury knew no boundaries, and his zeal forced random witnesses to compose myths.