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World Cup Penalty Description

Get ready for the crazy World Cup Penalty soccer game. You should pick a team you like the most and make it with the to the finals. Play as a kicker and a goalkeeper at the same time with turns and win the cup. The penalty game is crazy challenging. Within a group your team should compete with all other three teams and win all of them to reach the final stage. Pick the right angle and height and kick with all your power so that goalkeeper could not even manage to understand which direction ball is coming to. Then exchange your positions and protect your goals as you can. Do not let the opponent surpass you in score. You have only five moves so does the opponent. Every wining will give you three points the same way as in real football. If it is a tie you both will get by one point. Do not lose the game to move to the next stage. The cup is yours. It is high time to take it. Good luck on this crazy soccer game.