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Word Finder Description

Welcome to the best ever puzzle game Word Fonder. If you are sure of your mental skills and the ability to think at high speed than do not waste time as the game is perfect for you. It is a great one for those who like to think and does it really quickly. So where to start? The rules are rather simple. Players are given a board with mixed letters on it. They should find words that are hidden among confusing letters. The words are located in various positions both diagonally and horizontally. The longer the discovered word the better as the amount of the points directly depends on it. However, game is not as easy as it may seem. You have time limitation so hurry to get as many words as possible before you run out of time. Each word lined expands the time. What will your highest score be in Word Finder? Get the chance to measure your skills and have a lot of fun with magnificent brain game.